LingoLibre opens better job opportunities for Atlanta interpreters with higher payout

Leading on-demand web based marketplace for in-person interpreters, LingoLibre generates higher pay for interpreters and high quality, expedited and affordable service for clients.

Atlanta, GA – September 21, 2017 – Language interpretation is undoubtedly one of the coolest jobs out there but it’s the meager fees that spoil the game. But not anymore. New on-demand web based marketplace for in-person interpreters LingoLibre extends excellent opportunities for the Atlanta interpreters with more than double the typical market payout. The company has duly replaced the traditional 70/30 pay model with a more judicious 30/70 so that the hard working interpreters get their deserved due.

“Being an interpreter myself, I am well aware of the unjust pay structure that thrives in our interpretation industry. According to the traditional 70/30 payout rule, the major chunk of the client’s payment is gobbled by the agency and management. The interpreter- the person who actually works behind the project has to settle with nothing more than peanuts. Such a pathetic revelation inspired me to establish LingoLibre which has helped me to redefine the payout structure for better. My company has replaced the conventional payout format with 30/70 rule so that interpreters get a higher payout, something that they truly deserve”, stated Vahagen, the man behind LingoLibre.

He created LingoLibre to provide more freedom for the interpreters in choosing their hours and managing their schedules compared to other similar agencies around.

“All the interpreters working with us are really happy with our projects, service approach and pay structure. We are confident of that same satisfying experience for all the new aspiring interpreters who wish to join here,” Vahagen added in.

LingoLibre covers almost all the major languages including Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi etc. The company also assured interpretation jobs for different industries such as law, medical and so on.

While approached further, Vahagen assured an equally consistent experience for his clients. 

“Customer convenience is a major watchword in LingoLibre. It’s our mission to connect our clients with qualified certified and non-certified on-demand interpreters to ensure a fulfilling experience. On top of that, we maintain highly affordable rates. Whether you are looking for a medical interpreter in Atlanta or a court interpreter in Atlanta- we can provide you with a high quality job for every project.”

Unlike other interpretation agencies, LingoLibre stresses on a complete transparent service and pay structure for both the client and interpreter. The company has eliminated the problems of rate negotiation with its simple rate structure that is consistent and visible for all.

“We focus on a simplified and expedited service for our clients. Unlike other agencies where you have to go through a lengthy process – we connect with potential interpreters instantly. There is no need to call somebody to get the quote. And, at LingoLibre you can always choose your interpreter based on his or her ratings to ensure the most competent one for your job.”

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