EZ Staten Island Junk Removal Opens Services in Staten Island, NY

Staten Island, NY – EZ Staten Island Junk Removal has formally opened its services for removal of junk, trash, and other cleaning services for homes based in Staten Island. This is an expansion of their services which were initially based in Philadelphia.

To those who are looking for Staten Island Junk removal services, then EZ Staten Island Junk Removal is the best and newest company in the area. They take pride in having no limitations in terms of the size or scope of the junk that homeowners would want to get rid of. For hauling needs of junk and trash of whatever kind, they are simply a call away. They don’t turn down any items homeowners would want to get rid of. Whether it be computers, appliances, debris, furniture, yard trash, and the like, they have got homeowners covered.

Proper trash disposal goes beyond being just an aesthetic and environmental concern. It is also a health concern. Unused and irreparable damaged items, especially old electronics have trace amounts of toxic heavy metals in them that could harm people’s health. Old furniture, metal works, and the like could be cluttered with rust and dust, which could become a breeding ground for the tetanus virus as well as cause allergic reactions among sensitive individuals. The good thing about EZ Staten Island Junk Removal is the fact that they know how to dispose of these elements the right way.

EZ Staten Island Junk Removal is one of the most versatile disposal companies on the market today, with the wide array of disposal services they offer. They are dedicated to keeping residential areas free from any waste, as they believe that it’s simply unacceptable to permit junk and the like to stay in homes for a long time. They make the process of getting rid of trash much less of an eyesore. For more in-depth details regarding their services, visit: http://www.topnotchjunkremoval.com/staten-island/junk-removal/.

EZ Staten Island Junk Removal can be found at their official website, http://www.topnotchjunkremoval.com, for more information about their services offered. Their main office is located at 361 Walker St, Staten Island, NY 10303 (https://goo.gl/maps/c7ZnHtsMruP2).

Anyone interested in availing of their services can call them at (347) 983-6446 or email them at support@topnotchjunkremoval.com with questions or concerns.

Media Contact
Company Name: EZ Staten Island Junk Removal
Contact Person: Chris D
Email: support@topnotchjunkremoval.com
Phone: (347) 983-6446
Address:361 Walker St
City: Staten Island
State: New York
Country: United States
Website: www.topnotchjunkremoval.com