Anna Burns Permanent Cosmetics Welcomes New Clients in Atlanta!

Georgia, United States – YouTubers are notorious for starting makeup trends from sultry cut creases to metallic faux freckles. As these trends grasp their 15 minutes of internet fame, Permanent Cosmetics Atlanta continues to draw attention. For those who are unfamiliar with permanent makeup, it is a cosmetic technique which uses tattoos to enhance an individual’s facial features such as the eyes and lips. These enhancements are evident through eyeliner and lip stain mediums. This sustainable makeup technique benefits those who cannot wear traditional cosmetics due to allergies or skin sensitivity. It is also beneficial for those who live an active lifestyle and do not wish to constantly reapply their makeup.

Intrigued? Anna of Anna Burns Permanent Cosmetics is welcoming new clients in Atlanta, Georgia. Anna expressed an interest in art at a very young age which later developed into a passion for cosmetics. By fusing the two together, she developed an impeccable skill for drawing precise eyebrows, sharp wings, and bold lips. She received a formal education from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with a concentration in art, design and color theory. However, it was not until 2013, that she took her passion for cosmetics and art which lead her to pursue an education at an advanced school of permanent cosmetics for four months.

Anna is certified in numerous techniques, but the most popular among her elite clientele are permanent eyebrows. Eyebrows are imperative as they shape an individual’s face, however, misconceptions have led many to believe tattooed brows are poorly structured and dark. Anna is breaking this negative stigma by choosing a color that matches or compliments the client’s natural brow color. She aims to give them symmetrical and balanced brows while maintaining their natural esthetics. Anna recognizes that each client is different and their preferences will vary. There are a number of techniques to accommodate their personal style such as creating an arch that will brighten their eyes or use hair-like strokes to create an illusion of thicker brows.

Today, Anna has a certification in permanent brows, lips, and eyes. She is also well-known for her certifications in advanced procedures of areola tattoo, and 3d areola tattoo, micro-needling and non-surgical scar revision techniques as well as Tattoo Removal. Contact Anna today to schedule a consultation in regards to Permanent Makeup Atlanta.

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