Ex-Google Employee’s Start-up, Konsyg, Will “Connect the East with the West”

Founder of Konsyg, William Gilchrist, has talked about his objectives for the company. The Bowdoin College graduate described his mission for the enterprise, which entails assisting US-based technology companies in exploring sales opportunities abroad.

Singapore – Based in Singapore, Konsyg is a nascent “sales as a service” firm that was founded by William Gilchrist in 2017. In addition to being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of his start-up, the Chicago native also volunteers as a mentor and keynote speaker at Grdient HQ. However, he is better known for his stint at Google in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The former Google employee appeared enthusiastic in his statement to the press earlier this week. Reportedly, he envisions a market where firms in both the West and the East are able to work in tandem, creating a synergy that leads to a mutually beneficially outcome. Along those lines, he set out an unambiguous aim for the company:

“Our current objective is to facilitate the efforts of western firms in outsourcing some of their operations to Asian countries. We realize that many American companies are wary of employing people from outside the Anglo sphere for their sales force. Through our services, we shall allay these fears and connect the East with the West.”

The “East” represents an immense source of talent that has remained underexploited until now. Certainly, the founder has chosen Konsyg’s strategic direction wisely.

About the Company

Konsyg is a “sales as a service” firm that assists technology companies in the creation of sustainable streams of revenue. The Company is based in Singapore.

For more information, visit their website at https://konsyg.com/

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