VPN Freely: New iOS VPN Free Security Tool to Protect One’s Data When Using WiFi

The new iOS VPN free security tool VPN Freely can help everyone enjoy using the Internet connected to public WiFi hotspots without risks. The program encodes data protecting the user from hackers that prey on free WiFi.

As the society becomes more digitalized, the matter of Internet security is getting more prominent. VPN Freely for iOS is a new free tool that addresses this problem and gives all iPhone and iPad users a chance for top-notch protection. The new solution effectively secures the user’s data when they are using WiFi hotspots. This allows people to surf the Web and even use Internet banking without risks.

vpn freely iosWhat’s an iOS VPN Free Security Tool?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is one of the ways to provide one security when using the Internet. VPN Freely is a solution that allows one to use the protection of this network by encrypting the data, which flows through the Internet traffic.

In simple terms, VPN Freely makes the gadget’s ‘communication’ with the Internet intelligible and thus impossible for hackers to use. Many hackers have taken to ‘haunting’ free WiFi hotspots and stealing data streaming through them. This new iOS VPN free security tool makes this impossible.

Is VPN Freely the Best iPad & iPhone VPN?

VPN Freely is designed to work specifically with iPhones and iPads. Its main goal is to ensure the maximum Internet security for those devices. To achieve this goal and provide maximum protection the tool has a variety of helpful features:

  • Guaranteed WiFi hotspot security
  • 256-bit Bank Grade VPN Server Encryption
  • No limits on data (downloads and streaming)
  • One-click instant access

The developers of VPN Freely went out of their way to make the app convenient and easy to use. It requires no sign-up and doesn’t demand any private information (including phone number and email).

The users have an opportunity to sign up for the app’s newsletter, which will give them some perks like double download speed and limited special offers. However, this isn’t mandatory, so every user can be 100% sure that the developer won’t be using any of their private info. VPN Freely also guarantees that they do not resell their users’ information under any circumstances.

The new iOS VPN free security tool also has a Premium subscription. It will unlock some of the app’s best features making the app even more convenient. Note that VPN Freely guarantees WiFi hotspot security both for the free and premium versions of the app. That’s one of the reasons why it currently contends for the title of the best VPN for iPhone and iPad.

VPN Freely is available for download from iTunes. The app can be installed in moments and one can use it right away. To do this start the app after connecting to a WiFi hotspot and click ‘Secure Me’.

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