A new SaaS product, Squidex is Bringing Content Management and Distribution to the Next Level!

Open Source Headless CMS and Content Distribution Hub Now Soaring

A German-based company, Squidex, has announced their next generation of Open Source Headless Content Management and Data Distribution Hub in full swing. The content management and distribution offered through the services are making great strides in the quest to have a “one stop shop” to ease the process of distributing content
to multiple apps, website and servers through one API and backend. With a version 1.0 recently released, the concept is catching on like wildfire.

“We are excited about the response we have gotten from the open source community and the developers who are already using our product,” stated a Squidex representative. With an API and being powered with ASP.NET Core, it is going to revolutionize programing possibilities and content distribution for those who want to connect with display their content/data on mobile apps, websites, web apps and so on… the possibilities are unlimited.

The product itself has two dimensions to approach different types of companies and developers:

Cloud (SaaS): It’s for the people or companies who don’t want/have-time to manage servers, support like bug fixes and all that themselves. They can simply signup to the Cloud version from the website (based on the required plan) and leave all the hassle of management and support to Squidex team. Professional also have the option to signup for free plan in start to test the product if it really delivers what they need or not.

OpenSource: This is for the companies who want to use a system but under their full control or management, they can setup Squidex on their servers and even modify, add or alter the features according to their needs. It also helps Squidex to keep improving by honest feedbacks from the OpenSource community.

Squidex has been started-up and built by two individual geeks in their own domains, “Sebastian Stehle (Software Engineer)” and “Qaisar Ahmad (Interaction Designer)”. The co-founders have around 30 years of professional experience in their fields combined, and both have experience to run successful startups in past. They are also delivering digital design and web/software development services/consultancies to number of other multinational companies which helps them to keep themselves up to date, if we talk about latest standards in technology and market needs.

“Based on our experiences, we felt the need for a product which makes it easier for the software houses and developers to manage content for multiple platforms at the same time by using an user-friendly interface, so we have brought Squidex to life” stated Sebastian Stehle.

The brand name and logo of Squidex is based on a sea creature “Squid”, which is known as one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. It has a lot more relations to the product model, one of the core is the multiple tentacles of Squid which refers to data distribution to multiple platforms from one management hub.

Squidex hopes to become the core of every software system and web presence in future. To do so, their mission is to build trust. They want to eliminate the high cost of content management and distribution by taking all the responsibilities on it’s shoulders to manage and update their system regularly in their Cloud solution.

“We consider it just as a start, there are plenty of more features and advancements we already have in our roadmap and we are working on them to scale this product. To make it a powerful solution and more useful for the professionals. The developers who are using it already, they notice and experience regular updates and improvements in the product” stated Qaisar Ahmad.

To find out more about the all new level of OpenSource Headless CMS, visit:

Squidex website

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