Author and Artist Jimbo Harris Personifies Charming Little Creatures in Well-Received Children’s Book, “Kimo and Kalini”

His goals are very simple: to inspire children with creativity and challenge their literary skills and growth. Also to send messages of kindness, respect, adventure and love out into the world. With a colorful book, he made it all possible. A certified musician, a renowned artist, and a published author, Jim Harris releases the well-received book, “Kimo and Kalini: A Hawaiian Mouse Tail.”

Kimo and Kalini were the best of friends. They played on the beach, in and around the waters of the Pacific Ocean. They enjoyed scaling the lava rock cliffs, which was rough on their feet, but they were used to it and had very tough skin under their paws from running around on the coarse lava rock. Almost every day they would dive into warm ocean pools among the rocks, swim beneath the cooler waterfalls, chase rainbows, and enjoy the sweet breezes and the scents of Hawaiian flowers, such as hibiscus. Then, they embark on more discoveries and adventures that test their friendship and lessons of life.

Pacific Book Review Star awarded it with Books of Excellent Meritciting,“This book is a total work of literary cleverness and watercolor art, all mastered by the creative mind of Jimbo Harris. It is the perfect length, not too long but still able to be read at bedtime to lull the readers into a dreamland filled with fanciful mouse-people enjoying a Hawaiian lifestyle as if on a vacation.” Kimo and Kalini is recommended by US Review of Books, “The emphasis on the value of friendship and love will immediately appeal to children. Gentle yet informative language reaches out to readers of all ages, while delightful illustrations bring out the playful, endearing tones of the story. This is a breezy, lovable story, to be enjoyed over and over again.”

Amazon Reviewerss are unanimous for giving it 5 stars. Heather Angel says, “I loved this book, and my 8 year old was thrilled to receive it for Christmasl. The illustrations are beautiful and fun, the story kept her interested.”  One reviewer states, “A book for the whole family to enjoy! The artwork is so colorful and captivating and also educational read!” The other reviewer accentuates, “My 2.5 year old loved it and will for many years to come!”  Dean Manning adds, “This story not only brought me back to the islands it touched my heart. So well done and the illustrations are wonderful. Highly recommended.”

Jimbo offers a fun read for adults and children alike. Be captivated by the story line and the artwork adore by the book buyers and reviewers consistently.

Jim “Jimbo” Harris

Kimo and Kalini: A Hawaiian Mouse Tail

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About the Author

Kimo and Kalini: A Hawaiian Mouse Trail” is Jimbo Harris’ first book. He plans to dedicate his time fostering a career as a creative person, authoring children’s books featuring his artwork, and performing music wherever possible. He continues his love of performing on stage with his current Grateful Dead tribute band out of Boston, called Playing Dead. Harris currently resides in Warwick, R.I.

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