The Post-80s Returnees Financial Beauty is Marching into Hong Kong Media and has gone up to Times Square in New York

Recently, Xu Yilei, a post-80s returned beauty, went up to Times Square in New York, which has aroused widespread concern from media at home and abroad. Moreover, it has made domestic financial and media circles seething. It was reported that, this time, Xu Yilei was featured on the big screen of Times Square as the identity of media man. As the capital of the world, the big screen of Times Square in Manhattan, New York has always been the window of the world. Xu Yilei’s beautiful oriental figure showed the world a new era spirit of Chinese media people, which also created opportunities for Chinese media people to talk to the world.


Xu Yilei, a real Shanghai girl, born in 1982, has a unique vitality and pioneering spirit that Post-80s possess. After studying at the Roskilde University in Denmark, she returned to Shanghai to work in the financial industry. She worked in a well-known domestic investment company and has participated in the capital operation of many projects. The rich experience of studying and her own personality determined the courage of her to dare to fight hard. Although she worked well in the financial circle and had a bright future, she decided to follow her inner choice and move into the realm of her own love, the media circle, which was also her intention to go up to Times Square in New York.

Xu Yilei once admitted that she had spent a long period of confusion before she made up her mind to change careers. From the time she studied, she had a strong interest in the media industry. At that time, she tried to visit the movie factory, learned about the production, editing, recording and other jobs behind the film and television products. While studying abroad in remote northern Europe, she had already received messages through the Internet and books.

The cross-border model, “Financial + Video” has gradually emerged in people’s vision in recent years. The integration of the two parts is an interesting adventure of capital, but not everyone has the courage to plunge into a completely new field. “You can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life”. With this attitude, when she was successful in her early thirty, she left a steady and boring job and life, and began to move into a new industry. Xu Yilei is a soft and lovely Shanghai girl in life. She likes the “black, long and straight” hair style and has the affinity as a sister next door so that always give people a refreshing feeling. Then, at work, she is typically a perfectionist. She carries out her task with drive and sweep, and she can see what others cannot. As a able successful woman, she is very serious to people and has a strict attitude towards things. This time, in New York’s Times Square, the publicity film also showed her “double witch” image in her life and work from different themes.

As for going up to the New York Times Square, Xu Yilei hopes it will help Chinese media industry to open a new world. She was full of ambition for her new company with her painstaking effort. The reason she chose to start in Hongkong is that she can access to the world’s cutting-edge technology and systems at the first time, as well as, she is also closed to the rich talent and market in the mainland. At the same time, she wants to bring something new to the domestic cultural and film industry.

“You have to make the world meaningful by yourself. Not only do you decide what you think, but also decide what you have to do in your life.” Xu Yilei said confidently. She doesn’t want to let herself be sorry about something, that’s what she’s doing right now.

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