Funding of TeleHealth365 Inc. Announced by Leading Neurosurgeon

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – 21 Sep, 2017 – TeleHealth365 Inc. today announced that internationally recognized authority and medical expert Dr. Mukesh Misra, Neurosurgeon, MD, FAANS who is a member of TeleHealth365’s Board of Advisors has invested funds in TeleHealth365 Inc.

Telehealth365 Inc. provides access to its network of internists and specialists to underserved communities. They do this through their own telemedicine solution called OmniPresence Clinic (online virtual medical clinic). With the integration of various medical devices into their platform, Telehealth365’s network of physicians are now able to perform medical examinations remotely.

Due to the shortage of medical specialists in underserved areas, particularly Medicare and Medicaid patients, Telehealth365 is now offering its OmniPresence Clinics in selected cities in the United States. Telehealth365’s OmniPresence Clinic is an online medical clinic that allows Telehealth365’s internists and specialists to conduct a total medical examination. These examinations can be done via video at local clinics or from the comfort of the patient’s home.

“We are excited to have Dr. Mukesh as our investor. Dr. Mukesh has been taking the lead role in helping TeleHealth365 in defining healthcare programs for the Medicaid and Medicare patients. His knowledge of neurosurgery has helped us in developing special programs for the underserved community in the United States,” said TeleHealth365’s CEO, Vijay Sharma. “With Dr. Mukesh’s insights, we can evolve healthcare in the country, improving patient health while reducing costs.”

Dr. Misra said, “For me, the last seven months working with the TeleHealth365 team has been exciting. I am excited about investing both my time and money in TeleHealth365’s outreach to underserved communities in the United States. Everybody should have access to excellent healthcare, no matter where they live. We are helping to bring that about with our Medicaid and Medicare specialists program.”  

“Now Medicaid and Medicare patients can get access to leading Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Dermatologists and many other medical specialists from anywhere within their state, without having to travel all the way to a big city.”

Dr. Mukesh Misra, MD, FAANS completed his medical school in India and then moved to Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom for further medical studies and neurosurgical training. He subsequently started doing Research in Neurosurgery in University of Illinois in Chicago and then finished his residency in neurosurgery from University of Illinois in Chicago in 2005. He has been a practicing neurosurgeon in Southern California since 2006. He has been engaged in basic and clinical research over the years during his stint as research fellow and resident in neurosurgery. During these years, Dr. Misra has served as an assistant to the editors for various national and international journals. He certified in Neurological Surgery by the American Board of Neurological Surgeons in 2013 and was awarded the Fellow of American Association of Neurological Surgeon in 2014. He has received various recognition nationally and internationally and was also listed as “top 100 doctors” in Fresno, CA. October, 2007. His research and clinical work has been extensively published in various peer reviewed and non peer reviewed national and international journals and books. He has over 65 peer reviewed articles, over 30 book chapters and reviews and over 60 oral and poster presentation of his research and clinical work over the years. 

About TeleHealth365 Inc.

TeleHealth365 Inc is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. It serves “for profit healthcare providers” and NGOs throughout the world, providing medical specialists to healthcare providers in United States at anytime and anywhere. (

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