Announcing the Official Launch of Alien Babes – a Reliable Store Offering a Comprehensive Holo Line of Products in the Market

Alien Babes is the newest ecommerce store in the industry, dedicated to providing a huge range of holographic products and fashion to its growing customers online. The company is also pleased to launch an extensive Holo line of products, from holographic platform heels, space rave suit, dazzling spill pumps and unicorn baggie to space babe bodysuit, prismatic pastel skirt and a lot more. These unique items and more can be accessed at

For all lovers of sparkles and sequins, Alien Babes provides holographic fashion in highly unique ways. Space-age styles and items are available, adding a cool sheen to anyone’s clothing or outwear. With the availability of more holographic items in the market today, there’s no doubt to say that holo is now making its way on top of the fashion industry.

Many examples of holo fashion are all over the market these days, bringing back a stunning futuristic aesthetic. Although holograms and the holographic styles usually spark memories of the nineties, their visually vivid characteristics are synonymous with aquatic and space-age imagery. This is one of the reasons why holo products are now continuously gaining so much popularity, which can also be attributed to its recent nostalgic revival on the runway. Famous celebrities, models and a large number of individuals have seen the outstanding fashion signature that this style brings.

“We are so excited to bring festival clothing, space-inspired items and cosmic raver accessories at the store for music and party lovers to wear,” stated the CEO and founder of ALIENBABES.NET. “With the launch of our online store and unique range of holographic fashion and products, we provide many fans the chance to access to a huge variety of products that will meet their needs and suit their budget. Our holo line of products comes in highly affordable products and owning any of them is guaranteed to get you noticed.”

Whether for festivals, parties or special celebrations, Alien Babes allows users to take full advantage of its products’ sophisticated styles and elegance. All items at the store are extravagant rave clothing, perfect for all music events and festivals. Shiny, colorful, and fluorescent rave outfits and accessories are affordable and wit

Alien Babes prides itself for bringing the sickest rave and party fashion for its growing customers online. They offer only the best futuristic and holographic fashion items and accessories from the year 3000. As part of their new launch celebration, Alien Babes is offering 10% discount on each of its product for just a very limited time period with the coupon code OUTOFTHISWORLD.

For those who are interested in the unique collection of Holo products AlienBabes offers, follow their Instagram page at and check out their sweet selection at

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