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President of Smooth Sailing Business Growth, Lyndsay Phillips.
Smooth Sailing Business Growth is an expert content marketing company that specializes in helping you attract and acquire customers faster with powerful content marketing. As an industry authority, company president, Lyndsay Phillips will be presenting on leveraging your content marketing for maximum exposure at the Dream Business Academy September 27-29th in Rhode Island.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Seagrave, ON – Content marketing has become one of the hottest marketing strategies used by businesses today. With incredible rates of return, this type of marketing program shows no signs of going away. Accomplished entrepreneur and marketing executive Lyndsay Phillips develops content marketing plans, offering full strategy, content creation, publishing, optimizing and promotion. She believes that specialization is one of the best ways to produce high-quality content for clients. Her company, Smooth Sailing Business Growth works with clients all over the United States to successfully create a plan and implement killer content so that entrepreneurs can benefit from organic SEO, expand their reach, increase their expert status, serve their audience and convert leads to sales, faster. Phillips wants to help clients reduce the amount of time and resources spent finding customers and marketing so that they can spend more time actually working with them.

“People go into businesses that they love, but they end up spending most of their time in business development,” says Phillips. “Life and business coaching, for example, are very hands-on businesses that really requires a lot of the coach’s time. I want to help them develop a minimal effort marketing strategy that keeps the right clients in their sales funnel. That way they can get back to doing what it is they do best. My team creates and manages their content so that they don’t have to.”

Content marketing is a marketing method based upon the idea of demonstrating expertise through the use of valuable, free content.  Instead of telling customers what a company can do for them or what their corporate resume looks like, businesses are demonstrating their expertise and building relationships through the use of content. Smooth Sailing Business Growth has a proven formula that removes the onus of content creation, management, and dissemination from their clients so that he or she can focus time on actual engagement and working with their clients.

“I’m extremely well-organized,” says Phillips, “and this helps me in the implementation of the content marketing strategy. My team takes over the labor aspect and manages all the moving parts. This leaves my clients with more time to devote to what really matters.”

Phillips will be an expert speaker about content marketing through social media at Jim Palmer’s Dream Business Academy. The conference brings together entrepreneurs to share strategies on how to elevate, grow and create your dream business. She is happy to be speaking at the event because she believes that content marketing is an approach to business development that not only provides maximum returns on investment, but also one that doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon.

“It’s a business model based on logic,” she explains. “We’re always telling kids ‘don’t tell, show’ and this simple adage applies to all aspects of life. You will learn more about a lawyer or life coach by reading, listening, or watching them than you will from an ad that you see on Facebook. With content, you are demonstrating your expertise and creating a relationship with that potential customer before they even call you.”

Smooth Sailing’s website acts as a resource for learning more about content marketing. Each day Lyndsay produces tips for content marketing that she knows will not only help people learn the “ins and outs” of the model but also see her expertise in the subject matter. She will be in Rhode Island between September 27th-29th speaking at the conference and hopes that people will come and learn more about this effective marketing method.

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