\”My Banquet 1st August\” Now Available For Watching

You’ve heard of “Netflix & chill”, but have you been informed of the launch of the highly-awaited and new Kate Ajike owned movie streaming platform Ugwunwa Angel Films (UAF)? Like you’d expect, it has anything from reality tv to drama available for subscribers to stream online at any time and on any device.

The streaming platform and the production company behind it of the same name are just one of a set of companies by Kate Ajike. Although no introductions are necessary, she is a young entrepreneur, actress and African Royal (Obah), Ugwunwa Ajike.

The launch of the platform nicely coincides with the release of her new movie; My Banquet 1st August which is a classic black and white dark fantasy. If you like seeing movies that don’t follow the usual tried and tested conventions, then this would be worth a watch.

Of course, this movie and all UAF productions that Kate Ajike stars in are exclusively available on the platform. It also ties in with the Royal’s record label Kate Angel Music which produced the dance vibe soundtrack on the film Hello To You. There are quite a few different groundbreaking movies and sounds in the pipeline for both the production company and record label so it’s worth keeping an eye out for that in the coming months.

The subscription is just £348 a year, but an introductory offer for the first thousand people is just £100 for the entire year; a very lucrative offer just for her fans and long time supporters. 

To watch the trailer for the movie (and all other movies on the platform) or to subscribe, just go to www.ugwunwaangelfilms.com

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