Pepperweb, one of the Famous Digital Agencies in Dubai, Has Made its Web Site More Interactive

The famous digital agency, Pepperweb, has recently launched the new version of its online site. The unique aspect of this new version as compared to the previous one is its higher interactive level. Yes, this site is more interactive in the sense that it instantly asks the visitor’s projector details on its Contact page and offers a live chat messenger.

A Web design Dubai project that chooses Pepperweb can now approach it in a more interactive way. This is because the new version of its online site is known for its interactive features. Unlike the former version, the new version of its official site has a live chat facility, an interactive island to know about the services, and sliders interacting with the visitors’ mouse action to show more details.

The Home page itself starts with some animated story going on in the background of a slider and a label in the foreground as “Create something YOU LOVE”. Then, a nicely organized section is dedicated to its services represented by animated icons. Then, interactive sections to case studies and primary tasks (what the service provider does) become visible while scrolling. The latter is revealed in just three sentences whose icons move to corresponding explanation upon receiving mouse focus.

The most appealing and highlighted component on the Home page is VISIT OUR ISLAND button. Clicking it opens a page with an island consisting of different clickable parts. Clicking each part reveals a service and its relevant expertise of this service provider.

According to the founder, Karim Hachani, “We are a digital agency with specialization in Web design, Web development, digital marketing, branding, and mobile applications. Obviously, we have to be creative while establishing ourselves online. This is why we thought of creating a more interactive site that can raise the interest of probable Web designers and artists. This step is towards our goal of not resting before exceeding customer expectations.

About is a newly released site of Both promote digital marketing in Dubai but the former does so more interactively than the latter. Pepperweb is an international team of digital architects, designers, strategists, and thought leaders, whose team aims to breaks the rims of digital interaction.

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