Embedded Multimedia Card Market Growth Is Supplemented By Need For Digital Storage Devices

“Embedded Multimedia Card”
Technological advancements will provide more opportunities for the Embedded Multimedia Card Market

According to MarketIntelReports’ “Global Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) Market Report 2016” 

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The emmc card is a storage device which is made of NAND flash memory and a storage controller. It is used in devices like cell phones and sensors which are connected to the Internet of Things. The flash memory and the controller are contained in a single integrated circuit that is embedded into a device permanently. The emmc is a primary storage for tablets and cell phones that can combine the storage with a Secure Digital Card that is removable or micro SD multimedia card. It is used by the mobile device industry. The biggest emmc memory available is 128 gigabytes. Since IoT has become quite common, the sensors in the devices that collect data and return it to an organisation have depended on the smaller emmc integrated circuits.

Scope & Regional Forecast of the Embedded Multimedia Card Market

Growing demand for high end embedded multimedia cards will drive the growth of the Embedded Multimedia Card Market. The availability of the emmc disk in different densities will further propel the demand for the market. Increasing use of smartphones and other devices across the world mainly encourages the growth of emmc chip. 

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Asia Pacific will dominate the Embedded Multimedia Card Market during the forecast period. Growing 3G penetration in the region favors the use of emmc memory card. But frequent changes in technology which leads to the development of advanced products like Universal Flash Storage will inhibit the growth of the market.

Smartphones application has the highest share in the Embedded Multimedia Card Market due to its high storage capacity. Growing number of smartphone users and demand for automobile GPS software propel the demand for emmc memory chip.

Segmentations & Key Players Involved in the Embedded Multimedia Card Market

The Embedded Multimedia Card Market can be broken down into various segments as follows:

  • Region- North America, Europe and Asia.

Some of the key players involved in the Embedded Multimedia Card Market are as follows:

  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

  • SanDisk Corporation

  • Phison Electronics Corporation

  • Greenliant Systems Inc

  • Micron Technology


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