Goodnuss launches reusable mess-free nut milk bag on Indiegogo

Portland-based Nut-Milk Innovation Company, Goodnuss, announces the launch of the first ever reusable & mess-free nut milk bag on Indiegogo on October 17th

The “Milk It Yourself Movement”  by Goodnuss has begun!

For the first time ever, nut milk drinkers can make fresh nut milk at home in seconds, without the need for an appliance, recipe, or mess.

Founded by Lizz Hampton, the mission of Goodnuss and our innovation team is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to make their own nut milk without the hassle or the mess traditionally associated with the process.

Goodnuss offers freshly made pre-blended pulp inside a patented and reusable mess-free nut milk bag. This allows nut milk drinkers to conveniently reuse the bag without needing to crush nuts or find a recipe. Just add water, shake, strain, and then re-use!

The Goodnuss nut-milking sack is an innovative idea borne out of the desire to ensure that all lovers of nut milk enjoy their favorite drink, without missing out on the nutritional benefits. The true benefits of nut milk lies within the nuts themselves. The pre-made nut milk available in stores contains very few nuts and most are full of preservatives. Unfortunately they also contain very little nutritional content from actual nuts.

The best way of enjoying the nutritional benefits of nut milk is to drink cold-pressed fresh nut milk. Cold-pressed nut milk is not only rich in nutritional value, but it also tastes fresh and delicious.

In addition, Goodnuss also provides information on creative ways of using fresh nut milk and even how to use the byproducts in sustainable and fun ways.

Goodnuss is seeking media and affiliate partners to promote the product launch, build a community of nut milkers, and spread the “Milk It Yourself” movement to show the world how to milk their nuts! Our launch flavors will be available for pre-order on Indiegogo on October 17th.

About Goodnuss

Goodnuss is a Nut-Milk Innovation company headquartered in the quirky city of Portland, Oregon. The company aims to make products that make it easy for lovers of nut milk to make their favorite drink in the comfort of their homes by providing innovative products and information to nut milk lovers across the globe.

Media Contact
Company Name: Goodnuss
Contact Person: Lizz Hampton
Phone: +1 503 730 6527
Country: United States