Wild appearance, wide applications and great practicability make Airwheel R8 Smart Electric Mountain Bike a new star in intelligent travel transport sector

Airwheel R8 smart electric bike has attracted a lot of consumers since its release. In design, it adopts some innovations and upgrades on the basis of former products under R-series. The triangle philosophy perfectly combines aesthetics and mechanics. Wild appearance, wide applications and great practicability make it a new star in intelligent travel transport sector.

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As a new arrival in R-series, Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike inherits the merits of former products and also has some upgrades. It indicates that Airwheel is always working hard to innovate and upgrade continuously. Since R8 was released, it has won a lot of compliments. Moreover, it has become the first choice of many people when it comes to selecting travel transport for daily use. How much do you know about it?

Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike 

The appearance of Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike is full of wildness and fashion. The triangle philosophy lights the whole temperament, which represents the perfect combination of aesthetics and mechanics. It is well known that triangle is the most stable shape in geometry world. The triangle frame of R8 is formed by a bending long pipe, with an aluminum alloy casting to lock the joint, which has strong firmness and crush resistance. The 26-inch large wheels with special tread are nonslip and have excellent grip performance, which pave the way for R8 to challenge various road conditions. The handles are adjustable and riders can regulate them according to their heights so as to gain the most comfortable riding experience. The trip computer on handle can display the real-time data, like speed, mileage and battery, to make riding much safer. The streamlined saddle that is made from high-quality leather with good ventilation and resilience force improves the riding comfort and reduces fatigue caused by long-time riding. The shock mitigation system under the saddle enables R8 run smoothly on bumpy roads.

Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike 

Bright headlight of Airwheel R8 electric cross bike ensures safe ride at night. In the tail, there is a brake warning light. It will be on when riders press the brake, which will remind the rear pedestrian and vehicles to keep a safe distance. The battery is equipped with high efficient USB port that can charge some small electronic devices, like cell phone.

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