MicroMoney’s Pre-Distribution In Lieu of $30M Swap Confirms Banking The Unbanked Is Hot

SINGAPORE – 22 Sep, 2017 – Crypto funds and «whales» generated almost $1m worth of token swaps with MicroMoney, a global fintech blockchain company and lending services provider,  as its AMM token pre-distrubution is ramping up, paving the way to the actual token swap valued at $30 million.

Kicked off Sept. 15, AMM token pre-distribution has a minimum swap threshold valued at $10,000 and a soft cap of swaps valued at $2 million. Thus far pre-distribution generated $0.93 million worth of AMM transactions. The actual token swap starts Oct. 18., with a soft target of $15 million worth or swaps, and a $30 million hard cap.

A thriving business in Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka with 100,000 registered users and 40,000 issued loans projected EOY, MicroMoney aims to use the funds from the token distribution to add 25 million customers to MicroMoney family.

«Participating in our token swap changes lives,” said Anton Dziatkovski, MicroMoney CEO and co-founder.  “We are giving hope and opportunity to those who have been oppressed by generations, providing economic mobility to people who are treated as outcasts by the banks, providing dignity to the ones that were born on the wrong side of the railroad tracks, evening up the odds for the “have nots” against the “haves.””

MicroMoney’s token distribution is attracting resources to underwrite more served customers, to promote the service to end users, to help harvest and market end user data to financial institutions and to help scale MicroMoney through franchise sales.

AMM token has built-in appeal with MicroMoney’s existing customers.

«MicroMoney’s AMM token offers important benefits to served customers, offering its owners service discounts and instant upgrades to their credit attractiveness within MicroMoney’s lending universe,» said Sai Hnin Aung, MicroMoney co-founder.

Founded in 2015, MicroMoney is a stable, mature business, with a win-win business model backed by its shareholders, experienced financiers with professional backgrounds encompassing work at financial information services, securities exchanges, investment banks, venture funds, banking and microfinance organizations.

About MicroMoney

Founded in 2015, MicroMoney is a global fintech company offering financial services for the unbanked in the emerging markets, and access to the unbanked audience for banks, trade, and financial organizations. MicroMoney is a fast-growing company with $1.86 million paid-in capital and over 70 employees across offices in Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

MicroMoney makes lending decisions using a scoring platform based on neural networks as opposed to requiring collateral or paper documentation. MicroMoney collects customers’ mobile phone data to assess potential borrowers’ score rate and to share the data with financial institutions’ worldwide.

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