Tea, Not Only Culture, But Also Wisdom of Humanity and Nature

September 22, 2017 – China Handian Tea Therapy and Health Forum’s first round meeting was successfully hold in Wuyishan City, Fujian Province of China. Scientists attended this meeting reached the consensus that tea was not only culture, but also one method of healthcare and preventive treatment of disease.

In this meeting, Lin, Deliang, president of Beijing Handian Science and Technology Co., Ltd, gave a speech on humanity, nature and tea, recommended the therapy and healthcare use of tea.

Tea, wonderful tree of south China, became a drink since Shenlong.

Lin, Deliang cited Tea Bible(written in 780 A.D by Lu, Yu) and Treatise on Tea (written in 1107 A.D. by Zhaoji, one emperor of Song Dynasty) and other important literatures, introduced China tea’s history and culture from tea’s origination, function, production and drinking.

Tea is the fifth great invention of China and one of the best inventions. Said by Lin, Deliang.

Tea Polyphenols’ Function on Healthcare and Therapy Is Widely Accepted

Chen, Keji, member of China Academy of Science, first researcher of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine loves tea very much. Drinking tea is the basic need of Chinese people and drinking tea every day can refresh peopleand help digestion. Chen, Keji said.

According to Chen, Keji’s introduction, there are 648 kinds of health food made from tea admitted by CFDA

Some research argued that drinking green tea may increase the risk of gastric cancer. From January of 1984 in Japan, researcher questionnaire investigated 26311 residents of three cities, till December of 1992, 419 gastric cancers were confirmed. But using Cox regression analysis, there is no correlation between gastric cancer and drink of green tea.

Tea polyphenols includes more than 30 kinds of polyphenols, occupying 20%-30% of tea’s dry weight. Tea polyphenols is a composition of flavanols with some flavones and glycoside. Tea polyphenols has a strong ability to capture oxygen free radical, is helpful to prevent atherosclerosis, delay senility, inhibit mutation and carcinogenesis, reduce X-rays damage to cell and reduce blood fat.

The first vegetable drug approved by FDA of US is tea polyphenols, named by Veregan. Vereganis used in curing condylomaacuminatum and achieved very good results.

Tea Therapy, Natural Remedies for Disease Prevention and Treatment

Wei Ming, professor of College of traditional Chinese medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University, introduced the Chinese tea therapy in the report Chinese tea therapy: the choice of The Times. Tea therapy refers to the prescriptionthat usetea to form a single party or compound, by using boiling water or a little bit of decoction to drink, a kind of naturopathy which can be used for disease prevention and treatment.Tea therapy, based on the traditional Chinese tea theory, guided by the theory of Chinese medicine,is a newly emerging subject devoted to the study of the effect of tea in preventing and curing diseases.

Professor Wei, Mingemphasized that tea therapy doesn’t mean anyone can treat any disease with any tea, which requires an accurate assessment of the illness, a deep understanding of tea, and a rich experience in using tea therapy.

Tea Is A Drink, And Also Has The Effect of Curing Some Diseases

More than 30 experts from various fields of the country, including medicine, food and tea research, participated in the forum.Tu, YouYing, professor of Zhejiang University, gave the report The Relationship of Scientific Tea Drinking and Healthy. DrLiangAiHua (Institute of Chinese MeteriaMedica, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences) gave the report Safety Evaluation of Herbal Health Tea.LiuLongTao (Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine) gave the report Prescription and Application of Court Tea Therapy in Qing dynasty, which explains the science and effectiveness of tea therapy from different perspectiverespectively.Li, ChengWen (professor ofHenan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine), DrNiLi (China International Association for the promotion of agricultural cooperation, tea industry committee, health tea, Fuzhou University food science and Technology Research Institute), Chen Rongbing(former director of Tea Research Institute of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and distinguished professor of Wuyi College) gave reports respectively onstudy of tea in important ancient books and records of past dynasties,study on system arrangement of Chinese special tea,effect of tea soup on obesity and regulation of intestinal flora,the development of Wuyi rock tea and quality.

Ye, QiTong, national intangible cultural heritage inheritors, said that tea is a symbol of oriental culture transmitting to the west. Through the sea Silk Road, Chinese tea flows abroad, affecting western civilization and playing a major role in connecting eastern and western cultures. In modern times, between people, even between countries, through tea, deeper communication and cooperation can be accomplished.

President Xi, JinPing said, without national health, there would be no overall well-off society.Tea is not only a healthy drink, but also the way of interpersonal communication with medicinal effects.We should utilize the healthcare function of tea.

Withthe help of strategic opportunity of The Belt and Road, we can go abroad and let the world know China tea culture and the healthcare effect of tea. Ye, QiTong concluded.

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