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TNT Enterprizes LLC, an industry leader in trenchless sewer line replacements.
TNT Enterprizes LLC is a Pennsylvania-based plumbing company that specializes in providing trenchless sewer line replacements. The company is offering affordable, long-lasting sewage systems to those in the Bloomsburg and surrounding areas.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Bloomsburg, PA – Years ago if there was a problem with a sewer line, plumbers would have to dig up the pipe in order to diagnose and repair the problem. Recently, there has been a shift in the philosophy behind plumbing, moving away from short-term fixes and towards long-term systems. Highly respected companies like TNT Enterprizes LLC have been leading the charge to create less-invasive and longer-lasting approaches to pipe repair or replacement. Their “trenchless” pipe repairs have been extremely popular with homeowners and businesses that would prefer not to have their lawns destroyed just to repair a sewage system. Pipe bursting is a technique used by TNT to restore working order to sewage systems, an approach that owner Jeremy Timko feels is often overlooked because of its name.

“People hear ‘pipe bursting’ and think that’s the very last thing they want a plumber to do,” Timko jokes. “It sounds like what happens in winter when the pipes freeze, so we often have to explain how the process works so that our customers understand how this can help them avoid having their lawns dug up and the high cost of labor.”

The pipe bursting technique requires only that “launching and receiving pits” are created, avoiding the creation of a trench. Once they are created a replacement pipe is put into the insertion pit, and a machine with a pulling cable is at the receiving end. A new pipe that has both bursting and expander heads is guided into the previous pipe, creating the pipe bursting effect. The remains of the original pipe are pulled from the tunnel with a cable and winch. This enables the new pipe to be laid down where the original pipe was without having to dig the original pipe out of the yard.

“It’s a lot more efficient and superior in quality than how we used to replace sewage pipes,” says Timko. “Not only are we able to fix their sewage system without tearing up the yard, but now we can also do it in a timely manner. When we can save on time, we’re saving our clients hundreds to thousands of dollars in labor.”

The materials used today with pipe replacement last longer than predecessors. HDPE Pipes have a lifespan of around 100 years, which means that homeowners most-likely will not have to deal with replacement again in their lifetime. This is something that is important to the folks at TNT, who believe that their true business is customer service, not plumbing. The company is a much sought-after plumbing business because of their client-first focus. According to Timko when they save clients money they are building the types of good relations that lead to referrals.

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