Bundor Valve Takes Part In Astana Expo 2017 To Display Valves To The Whole World

September 22th, 2017 – Xia Xuchao, chairman of Luoyang network chamber of Commerce, led 15 Luoyang excellent enterprise elites as the Central Plains region representatives to participate in the 2017 Astana in World Expo, the trip and the Kazakhstan chamber of Commerce and industry friendly negotiations, the two sides will promote enterprise mutual connection, mutual exchange of needed products, with the help of The Belt and Road the era of opportunity, and seek common development are discussed.

Bundor Valve takes part in Astana Expo 2017 To Display valves to the whole world

World Expo as the highest level of the World Expo, has been carrying the important functions of international communication and cooperation, cultural ties, known as the field of science and technology, human economic and Cultural Olympics in the event, is an important platform to showcase the comprehensive national strength and innovation, promote the development of cultural industry and the activities of the economic and trade exchanges. Bundor valve had the honor on behalf of the industry to participate in the 2015 Italy Milan World Expo Expo, and forged a puzzled love, like 2017 de valve again stood in the arena of World Expo, Bundor valve attaches great importance to the Astana World Expo. As the valve industry name card”, like Bundor hopes to World Expo as an opportunity to show a Bundor industrial strength and innovation at the same time, many enterprises and promote exchanges and pragmatic cooperation, expand like de valve external influence, for the valve industry to further explore cooperation with countries around the world.

Valve is a national industrial lifeline, it is not only widely used in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, textile, machinery manufacturing, construction, national defense and other national economic fields, but also one of indispensable products in people’s daily life, the development of the pipeline valve is an important part of social development, the development of pipe is it was because of the flow control valve, Bundor valve think a small valve, de valve that has strategic significance for the industrial development of the country.

Bundor Valve takes part in Astana Expo 2017 To Display valves to the whole world

In World Expo change is not just like Bundor understanding of world vision, but also allow the strength of innovative enterprises like Bundor to enter the camp, and then around the world the opportunity. In 2015, like the Bundor valve has represented the industry to participate in Italy, Milan, World Expo, after participating in the Bundor as a high flow of effective exposure, so that the Bundor brand quickly improved. By the hand of azarchs Tanzania World Expo, with a series of cross-border cooperation, so as to enhance the Bundor brand value, enhance corporate visibility and reputation, leading to a long-term occupation of Bundor domestic and overseas markets, and lay a solid foundation.
Bundor Valve takes part in Astana Expo 2017 To Display valves to the whole world

Henan Bundor Flow Control Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, We have 23 years in the valve world, setting to research and develop, design, manufacture, sale and after sale professional valve factory in china. With our joint-efforts of all employees, our company become stronger and keeps us ahead of current market competition. We strictly according to international quality standards (DIN, ANSI, BS, GB, JIS).

Henan Bondor Flow Control Co., Ltd. Passed the ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO18000 quality certificate.

At present, Bundor has independent research and development covers the HR, OA, CRM, ERP, SCM, product center, electric business center and other 13 modules seamless docking integrated information system, in order to achieve management information, driving the entire valve industry chain Downstream exchange, to achieve a benign change in the ecological environment of the valve industry, to build a valve ecological community, to achieve a shared win-win situation. As for the simple, open, honest, sharing, to play the principle, look forward to and industry counterparts to form the valve industry, “Express”, “car”, join the festivities.

Bundor Valve takes part in Astana Expo 2017 To Display valves to the whole world

In the new environment of the global environment, the valve industry survival of the fittest unprecedented acceleration, the Chinese valve has a global competitive technology strength, the overall “Made in China” into “Made in China” and “China to create”;

Enterprise science and technology innovation and technological transformation speed is based on the country, as the company in recent years to increase investment in scientific and technological achievements into force, with 165 independent patents, the establishment of research and development centers, engineering and technology center for the continued upgrade of the Bundor valve to provide power Source.

Tianjin valve factory has a perfect enterprise standardization system, with high-precision machinery and equipment and quality testing equipment more than 80 sets.

Bundor Valve takes part in Astana Expo 2017 To Display valves to the whole world

At present, the international situation is evolving, the world economy in the depth of the slow recovery in the recovery, the development problem is still grim, “along the way” building for us to create an unprecedented historical opportunity. Kazakhstan is “an area along the way” important country, to build “Silk Road Economic Zone” is a major initiative in September 2013 in Kazakhstan for the first time.

Bundor valve active exploration under the one belt and one road. throughout Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and other 56 countries and regions, an average of more than 6598 per day qualified Products are sold around the world. As the valve will continue to take the initiative, the courage to open up the “area along the way” building blocks, continuous innovation and cooperation model, to become the world’s most worthy of the valve suppliers and make unremitting efforts.

Xia Xuchao, chairman of Luoyang network chamber of Commerce said that the international trend is the trend of the enterprise is bigger and stronger the only way to improve awareness, boldness, speed up the pace, pay attention to results. Business to the world a lot of benefits, we seize the international opportunity, more exchanges and negotiations, more innovative and pragmatic, at the same time Luoyang Network Chamber of Commerce will be “going out, introduced to” a good platform, good carrier. Guide more member enterprises to take the international development path.

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