Dragon Awaken New Patch: Dragon Armor – The new enhancement system and more dungeons are currently available in the game

New Patch Dragon Armor

 Dragon Awaken New Patch: Dragon Armor - The new enhancement system and more dungeons are currently available in the game

The first patch of Dragon Awaken Game was released on September 12th, six months after its launching. The new enhancement system and more dungeons are currently available in the game!

Dragon Awaken Story

It is said some warriors possess the power to befriend dragons and battle alongside them to protect this world. However, only the strongest ones were able to wear Dragon Armors and control the power within. Those chosen warriors would become one with the power of their dragon and be able to conquest all evil in the world.

Dragon Armors

Players can unlock the Dragon Armor when they reach level 32. After finishing the main tasks, the first Dragon Armor will be available: Fire Dragon Armor. New passive skills will appear and the player’s battle ranking will be upgraded to become unstoppable in the battle.

Two armors are currently available in the game: the Fire Dragon Armor and Rock Dragon Armor.

Different armors will offer different skills and stats. For example, the Fire Dragon Armor will provide players with the active skill Divinity Punishment, which consumes combo points to cast great damage to enemies six times, and the passive skill Violence with chances to decrease the enemies’ DEF.

One of the main features of the Armors is that players will be able to change them according to the battle. Once the players gather enough power in the battle, they can activate their armors and use their skills to cast damage on enemies. The first time a player activates a Dragon Armor a short video animation of the transformation will show the new appearance of the character. If desired, all videos can be watched again afterwards.

Armor Dungeon

To unlock more Dragon Armors or enhance them, players will have to challenge the new Armor Dungeons. There they will find Armor Shards, Awaken Stones and other items that will help to enhance the armors and unlock more skills. Dungeons have different stages for players of all levels. The more difficult stages will provide more and better rewards, but will also be very dangerous.

More armors will be coming soon, and the new patch will be uploaded to the Spanish and Portuguese servers at the end of September. To celebrate the launch of the patch, Dragon Awaken community has prepared some events and rewards for the players. It’s a great chance to boost your adventure in Dragon Awaken!

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