REALIS – Bring a new escape game in TGS 2017

Since SIGGRAPH 2017, REALIS start involved into overseas market with mature RTS optical motion capture system and rich experience content, there is no doubt to say that September 21st -24th, 2017 Tokyo Game Show is a great chance to show how RTS system working with GAMES.

If there’s one thing to spark gamer’s interest in an upcoming title then ESCAPE ROOM are going to be high up on that list, as in SIGGRAPH REALIS got the praise for family game from Disneyland Research HQ James Malisse” I knew that Oculus will miss awesome game like this”. REALIS brings a new large scale free-roaming VR escape game to TGS 2017, that’s a great impact the traditional digital computer game and fixed VR game, due to REALIS RTS System based on optical motion capture camera tracking system which is the highest accuracy and lowest latency way to make large-room-scale multi-player interactive free-roaming VR game possible.


Fully designed and developed by REALIS, it is a free-roaming VR game based on RTS motion capture technology, the special point of the game is support maximum 4 players interactive together with total 20 mins of experience time. So far, this game already operating in more than 5 cities VR arcade in China, its heard from experienced players “This game is exciting, scary”, “Even some timid players will shed tears.” Said by VR arcade stuffs.

It’s combined with horror and enigmas that provide a brand-new VR experience in a narrative style. Wakened up in a bathroom, the world seems familiar and yet strange. Weird things keep happening. Old photos, telephones, broken home, missing girl… who is the murderer? What’s the truth? Shh! Keep your breath, take up the lantern, let’s go into the creepy house together.

Nowadays, RTS Series Optical Motion Capture System with international advanced level, REALIS also set up a basic optical motion capture experience product for expanding large scale VR industry in overseas market, it is make more endless possibilities for the application of VR large scale, it’s hardly believe that REALIS will bring hitherto unknown surprise to everybody in TGS 2017.

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