Inspirado Board Game That Models the Pathway to Recovery From Substance Abuse Announces Launch of Kickstarter Campaign

Inspirado the Recovery Board Game, has set out to offer people on the road to recovery from alcohol or drug addiction a new tool to help inspire and motivate positive change. A crowdfunding campaign is underway to get the first run of Inspirado produce to high anticipation.

The road to recovery from alcohol or substance abuse can be one of life’s great challenges.  A revolutionary new board game Inspirado has set out to help inspire players enter or stay motivated on the path to recovery.  The team behind the game recently announced a crowdfunding campaign to help bring Inspirado to market.

“Inspirado was developed by people in recovery to help others who are or need to be on the same path,”  commented a spokesperson from My Healthy Lifestyle Magazine, the organization managing the project.  “We know from experience the more quality help and tools available to a person suffering from addiction the better.  Inspirado has shown us its value as both an intervention tool and aid in recovery, and we hope to get it in as many hands that need it as possible.”

According to the game’s developers, Inspirado can help support players in some vital areas; some highlights include providing a deeper understanding of recovery and behavior change, helping boost motivation towards recovery, inspiring sharing about experiences in both addiction and recovery, and much more.  By touching on these subject while playing a game, a new area of communication is often opened with remarkable results.

Inspirado’s game lessons are drawn from some different proven treatment methods including its main foundation, B.F. Skinner’s ABC model of operant conditioning; along with Prochaska and DiClemente’s cycle of change; Behavioural Functional Analysis (CBT); and B.J. Fogg Behaviour Change Model.  The gameplay itself uses both dice and cards to represent the different situations a person faces during their addiction and while working hard to stay clean, all with the idea to inspire both self-reflection and conversation between players during and after play.  Every effort has been made to make playing simple and fun, two areas where test players have given Inspirado overwhelming praise.


The Kickstarter campaign has set a goal of $6,759 which will cover the cost of the first run of the game’s manufacture at a professional board game production company.  The campaign ends on October 18th, 2017.  A number of perks are available depending on donation size.

For more information be sure to visit the Inspirado Kickstarter campaign page.

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