Presidential Candidate Violet Mariyacha Launches Petition For UN Intervention In 2018 Zimbabwe Elections

International business woman, and Zimbabwe Presidential candidate Violet Mariyacha has launched a petition requesting United Nations to oversee the upcoming 2018 election in the country. (The petition can be signed by any Nationality)

Irvine, California – September 22, 2017 – The trauma of mass killings and illegible violence that stained the 2008 and 2013 Presidential elections is still alive in the memory of Zimbabweans. With the upcoming election set for next year, the nationals are apprehending a similar grim fate in 2018 as well. However, one motivated individual is hopeful of a positive change. International businesswoman and Presidential candidate Violet Mariyacha has already launched a petition requesting the honorary United Nations to intervene in 2018 elections to ensure a safe and transparent poll. 

“Nobody has the right to influence or manipulate the polling. We all are free citizens and have the right to exercise our choices. In the light of the nasty scenario in 2008, 2013, there is the urgent need for a higher, just and neutral authority to oversee the election process in the country. Thus, I have launched a petition requesting the revered U.N. to supervise and observe the coming elections in Zimbabwe. Your active support is much needed here to ensure a transparent and peaceful poll where each of us would have the right to vote for his/her chosen candidate,” stated Violet Mariyacha.

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A veteran entrepreneur based in USA, Violet Mariyacha is a devoted opposition leader for United Movements and Unions Party in Zimbabwe. A true humanitarian, she aspires to fight for the voiceless in Zimbabwe to assure a safe and quality life for them. Violet has also been a political activist over the last 2 decades and works proactively for the betterment of others.

The Presidential candidate is an ardent singer and songwriter as well. Mariyacha has released her first single, “Handichada” (“I Am Fed Up”) from her debut album “Freedom is Coming” in the form of a music lyric video now on ITUNES.

To show your support for her, please sign the petition/donate at

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