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It’s not surprising that for newly-built residences, the right kind of lighting is essential. There is more focus on energy efficiency nowadays, and new building regulations to consider as well. But thanks to, customers can easily find energy-efficient lighting for their new abodes.

UNITED KINGDOM – 22 Sep, 2017 – There is no doubt that today’s homeowner wants to have a home that is as efficient and practical as possible. And this efficiency and practicality also comes with the use of energy-efficient appliances and fittings, such as energy-efficient lighting. This is where LED lighting such as LED downlights have proven their merit in energy savings and energy efficiency in many ways.

As confirms, “LED bulbs are now the number (one) choice for new and existing lighting installations. Due to advances in LED lighting technology over the last few years there is now an LED replacement for almost every energy hungry halogen and CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) ever produced.” adds that for newly-built homes and buildings, there are certain building regulations that need to be followed. For instance, for new installations, homeowners and building owners are supposed to meet particular criteria for lighting fixtures. One of these criteria is that 75% of the light fittings in the home or building are energy-efficient. Another criterion that needs to be followed for new builds is that the lamp or light fitting, in order to be considered energy efficient, should produce more than 400 lumens as well as have an efficacy rating of 45 lumens per watt at the very minimum.

Also, customers should know that just because it says ‘LED’ does not automatically mean that it fits the criteria. There are some LED lights that are not more than 5 watts, and they are not considered energy efficient. Customers still need to choose their LED lighting wisely, and this includes choosing LED lights that are made and manufactured only by the most trusted and widely known manufacturers. has more to say on this: “Unlike other websites that sell a large variety of LED bulbs, we only sell a selected few brands. We stock the most trusted brands such as Philips, Megaman and Kosnic. These manufacturers are now in their third and fourth generations…when comparing quality branded products to inferior unbranded ones, you will find that the specification is often vastly overstated and they have no photometric data to back up their claims. We have the photometric data available for almost all of our products, which is available on request.”

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