Companies dealing with large personal data volume in Europe should consider appointing a Data Protection Officer

New General Data Protection Regulation becomes effective in 2018

Companies currently doing business in Europe, or planning to do so, need to keep fully informed about regulations with which they may need to comply. One of these is the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect on 25 May 2018. The regulation deals with personal data compliance and governance initiatives related to personal data security. A Data Protection Officer (DPO) has a clearly defined management responsibility to be sure the company is in compliance with the appropriate legislation.

The regulation requires an organization to register the DPO with the Data Protection Authority and document how personal data is handled. The new 2018 regulation carries the risk of fines if the proper requirements are not met. It is the duty of the Data Protection Officer to keep a company and its employees informed of their obligations under the regulation as well as to consult data subjects.

Organizations expected to have DPOs fall into these categories:

• Public authority or body except the Courts acting in a Judicial capacity.
• Key activities involve regular and systematic monitoring of a large number of data subjects.
• Core activities involve large volume processing of data relative to sensitive personal information such as biometric, generic or criminal convictions and records.
• Organization’s that act in Member States where the state law requires a DPO to be appointed. German law, for example, requires every company with more than 10 employees to designate a DPO.

The new regulation is not scheduled to apply until 2018. However, if a company is one that could benefit from having its own DPO, it is not too soon to start the search. Companies which handle a lot of sensitive personal data and already have a DPO in place recognize the value of having an officer with recognized authority who is accustomed to asking the right questions about current personal data developments, helping to highlight current issues and find ways to reduce costs.

The DGD Deutsche Gesellschaft für Datenschutz GmbH (German Association for Data Protection) is providing DPOs and can consult on data protection.

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