The Sanctuary at Sedona Introduces a Holistic Addiction Recovery Program That Combines Western and Ancient Treatment Modalities

The Sanctuary at Arizona, a pioneer of the Integrative Addiction Recovery approach, has developed a unique holistic addiction recovery program that combines leading-edge western medical science with ancient wisdom and treatment modalities to help clients recover from a wide range of addictions. The holistic program addresses all aspects of the individual, from body, mind, spirit, and soul, to identify the root cause of the addiction.

The new holistic approach provides relief and freedom from addiction. Many patients have found it to be very effective when compared to the conventional 12-step treatment procedure that simply focuses on managing symptoms without addressing the underlying cause of addiction. This is a non 12 step rehab program based on the belief that every patient can recover from addiction and other co-occurring disorders by identifying and addressing the root cause of the problem.

“The Sanctuary is a unique standalone addiction treatment center primarily because it combines conventional and unconventional procedures that focus on the body, mind, and soul. If truth be told, most conventional addiction recovery methods used around the world don’t really work that well,” says Dr. Joe Dispenza, the renowned author of the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

The Sanctuary’s Integrative Addiction Recovery program

The Integrative Addiction Recovery Program at the Sanctuary employs a comprehensive combination of advanced scientific approaches with alternative modalities to promote innate healing responses in a patient. The program comes with a customized treatment plan to suit the unique needs of each patient. It is delivered in a synchronized process that addresses the root cause of addiction and co-occurring disorders. The Integrative Addiction Recovery program relies on natural healing processes supplemented by education in concepts that promote health and wellness in patients. Clients are empowered with practical tools that they can use in their post rehab lives for enduring success. In this integrative approach, both the client and the practitioner are close partners in the journey of recovery.

According to Dr. Albert Villoldo, the author of New York Times’ bestseller, One Spirit Medicine: Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness, “The Sanctuary at Sedona provides an environment where you can experience a deep emersion that transforms the brain making it possible to achieve freedom from addictions.” The non 12-step rehab program at The Sanctuary is 100% integrated and customized to each client’s unique needs. It addresses the body, mind, spirit, and soul to identify the root cause of addiction.

About The Sanctuary at Sedona

The Sanctuary is a serene oasis located in a National Forest, 20 minutes from Sedona, Arizona. It is a 22-acre retreat specifically designed for individuals looking for holistic healing, communing with nature, and spiritual awakening. The Sanctuary’s holistic recovery center has a spa design with comfortable private or shared rooms. Unlike other treatment centers with sterile environments, The Sanctuary’s grounds have a calm monastery style with numerous private places for peaceful reflection and contemplation including a meditation center, tepee, labyrinth, and rolling acres of National Forest.

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