The rise and fall of the Proudboys and BasedStickman (Kyle Chapman)

The Mother of All Rallies (M.O.A.R.) was a rally held at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., United States. One of the rally organizers, Tommy Hodges (also known as Tommy Gunn) helped develop the event with keynote speakers including, Hamody Jasim, Marco Gutierrez, Omar Navarro, Peter Boykin with Gays for Trump and others.

Members of Gavin McInnes far right group “Proud Boys” were also present, including speaker Kyle “BasedStickman” Chapman who leads a subordinate group in the ProudBoys FOAK (Fraternal Order of the Alt-Knights). Crowd estimates ranged from several hundred to around 1,000 attendees, far less than organizers’ original goal of 1 million participants and claims that thousands would attend. No Republican elected officials attended the rally, only future candidates looking to gather the strength of the Pro-America movement were in attendance.  

A group of BLM attended the event and was allotted speaking time to the dismay of the several hundred that traveled to the event from out of state. Since the event, there has been a large number of leadership resignations within the Proudboy organization partly due to allowing a chapter of BLM speak at the event, while other chapters of BLM were destroying property in the St. Louis riots.

When requesting an interview on the controversy of letting BLM speak, we could not get ahold of the organizers or Proudboy leadership. It is worth noting that the rally Facebook pages have been deleted, the domain used for the event has been turned into a webstore selling T-shirts, and the Fundly fundraiser user account that raised over $12,000 has been deleted. The continued lack of leadership within these pro-America movements is music to the ears of the opposition. When will American Patriotism find the street level moral and trustworthy leader it deserves.

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