Infinitech trading launches automated trading robots to reduce risk and maximizing profit has announced the launch of automated trading robots that assist the user to maximize their profit and reduce risk while trading. The trading robot Infinitech Technical Analysis System (iTAS), analyzes the financial markets for technical patterns that are calculated in real time based on the most successful technical analysis indicators in the trading community. The robot automatically analyzes the various trading opportunities available in the different capital markets around the world.

The iTAS trading robot works by analyzing the market positions in the capital markets using custom strategies and also some of the most effective technical trading strategies used worldwide. This enables the customers to lower the risk of trading by creating an analysis of the specific asset to establish patterns of exit and entry. The system uses an effective backtesting tool that considers different strategies in the price time series thus, assisting the customers to invest better. It also features advanced protection methods like an economic event stopper, which automatically pauses the robot´s operations to minimize the risk factors during extreme volatility conditions.

For people who focus on manual trading, they have special products as well. Forex and Crypto Currencies signals have been designed to bring the experience of professional traders to anyone who wants to start in this world or boost the results. In a few words, trading experts analyze the markets almost 24 hours a day and send an alert for the subscribers each time that an opportunity is found, so the user can open the same operation than the experts detect. The company uses different locations for signal delivery that reaches the final users in less than 2 seconds after being detected by the analysts.

Infinitech also uses the SmartProfit system that guarantees a take profit for all kinds of traders. This system features 3 Take Profit levels for each signal for more conservative traders, medium risk-taking traders and riskier traders respectively. The traders can use the Cryptocurrency signals for fundamental analysis that includes analyzing the trends & fundamentals in cryptocurrencies markets that allows the trades to perform better in both short and mid-term.

Infinitech Trading has considered the potential of Cryptocurrency market which is why it provides services to analyze the crypto market too. Using the advanced automated trading robots, the company manages to analyze the best market opportunities for the traders in the crypto market. The system gathers data and processes insight patterns using correlation to achieve the most precise prediction of the price movement over a set of financial instruments. It also works by analyzing multiple websites and download relevant data such as economic& political events, financial reports and speech summaries that impact the trading market. By monitoring the risk alerts given by any external volatility caused due to political or economic changes, the system provides smart risk protection to the traders. To receive the signal from the Infinitech Team, the customers can download the Telegram App. Infinitech Trading is currently working at Free Promo that will allow the customers to try trading robots, Forex and Cryptocurrency signals for 7 days.

According to their commercial agents, the company has been spending lots of time and resources in Research and Development for a new project, that promises to be a hit in the financial markets. Never seen anywhere in the world, they have been developing a Crypto-currency robot, a software capable of analyzing these unpredictable markets and even find more good trades than a professional, they even affirm it could be able to analyze many of the strongest cryptocurrencies. About the current state of the product, their representatives say it is being tested in its final stage, and they are about to release it to the public very soon. Details about its cost or all features have not been publicly released yet.

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