Jurgen Gutmayer Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Funding Project Kindersportclub THE GAME

Jurgen Gutmayer announces fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for his project Kindersportclub THE GAME.

Jürgen Gutmayer, entrepreneur and consultant for telecom operators and a keen sports enthusiast, has announced that his team has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the Kindersportclub THE GAME project. It has been designed for parents wanting to develop a new game for the whole family.

“With sports running in the families of my wife Lucy and me, we always wanted to do something for sports,” says Jürgen Gutmayer. “With more and more children getting obsessive with mobile phones and other technology-based devices, real, physical sports are being slowly and gradually pushed out of their lives. We want to bring an alternative for more balance in their lives and hence this initiative.”

Gutmayer believes that for physical and personal development of kids, sports must be an integral part of their lives. They were looking at various ways of reaching out to more kids so that they could give back something, especially the various benefits they got due to the presence of sports in their lives.

The combined 20 years of experience of Gutmayer and wife Lucy as tennis teacher, children health trainer, Nordic walking trainer, jumping fitness trainer, aqua cycling trainer, rope skipping trainer and more helped them develop this game. Their efforts got a major momentum thanks to the inputs of their three kids and some friends.

The challenging part of the project was how to make a sports game look like fun. The project went through multiple steps of ideas and feedbacks till the first prototype was ready. Gutmayer brought on board a designer, translator and specialists in psychology to close any gaps. The project was tested at various levels and approval and feedback sought from families.

The team also worked on an online teaser available under kindersportclub.com, which transfers the motto 1x/day sport. They are now convinced that they can do this project successfully. However, to take it further from here, they need public support and participation.

Gutmayer reckons that his team will require a funding to the tune of approximately 50,000 Euros to get the production started for the online version of the game and to finalize the full version of the 116 exercises of the offline game. They want to involve the community so that there is more awareness about Kindersportclub THE GAME and they can get honest feedback on whether there is an interest for THE GAME. Sports time within families is important as it can be fun and also have a positive social impact.

Gutmayer is looking to raise €50,000 for the Kindersportclub THE GAME project. The deadline for funding is 5 October, 2017.

About Kindersportclub THE GAME:

Kindersportclub THE GAME is an initiative by Jürgen Gutmayer and his wife Lucy, both avid sports lovers. The project is aimed at bringing back sports into the lives of kids. Children today are obsessed with technology-driven devices and spend most of their time with these things. As a result, sports find no place in their priority of things. THE GAME will attempt to re-introduce kids and parents to the critical importance of sports in their lives.

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