RepTiles Eco-friendly Mobile Screen Cleaners is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Gift Stores

RepTiles earth-friendly screen cleaners in a convenient POS display
Reptiles earth-friendly microfiber screen cleaners are great for removing smudges and fingerprints from mobile device screens. The colorful side cleans your device screen while the advanced silicone adhesive on the back keeps them stuck to your phone when not in use. Reptiles can be washed and reused or recycled.

Atlanta, GA – TurtleBert, the premier brand in the environmentally friendly mobile phone and tablet accessories market, has announced the expansion of the RepTiles line of eco-friendly mobile screen cleaners. RepTiles Earth-friendly screen cleaners first launched in 2015 as a point-of-sale product at mobile device kiosks and regional convenience store chains. Consumer enthusiasm for the eco-friendly and affordable products moved the product from online-only sales to retail counters throughout the southeast, pacific coast and sustainability-focused regions of the USA. Building on that increased brand and mission awareness, TurtleBert has introduced the RepTiles brand of colorful microfiber screen cleaners to museum gift shops and aquariums throughout the country. The company recently added new colors and styles as well as a nationwide marketing campaign to continue their growth in brand awareness. 

TurtleBert is a socially-responsible brand and dedicates 2% of its profits annually to charitable organizations whose mission is the preservation of oceans, wetlands and habitats for marine/amphibian life. TurtleBert’s product offerings embrace the concept of ‘sustainability through utility’ and employ a combination of alternative energy, sustainable materials or both. 

Sustainability through utility 

The RepTiles Earth-friendly screen cleaner is an example of ‘sustainability through utility’ in that using the RepTiles product to clean your screen rather than using disposable tissues, kleenex or other paper products will eliminate approximately 99 existing paper tissues from the waste stream. Landfill waste is reduced as is the amount of fossil fuel used to convey waste to the landfill. The reduction in landfill waste also protects groundwater from contamination and methane gas – a greenhouse gas and byproduct of landfills – from being released into the air. 

The use of the RepTiles cleaners also has upstream effects in that the potential need for 99 new disposable paper tissues is eliminated. Fewer trees are ultimately cut down and habitats are preserved for the animals that inhabit those forests. The production of those disposable tissue papers also has detrimental effects on our water through industrial waste production and our atmosphere through carbon dioxide gas release by the production process. RepTiles screen cleaners allow eco-conscious consumers to ‘go green’ in a way that is fun without sacrificing convenience.

In addition to RepTiles Earth-friendly Screen Cleaners, TurtleBert offers solar-powered charger and battery combos for charging mobile devices, sustainably farmed bamboo phone cases and other nix99 branded earth-friendly screen cleaners.

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