Counseling Center in Silver Spring Welcomes Primary Therapist Andrew Darby

Andrew Darby joins the team of highly qualified therapists at Sun Point Wellness Center in Silver Spring to provide couples and individuals with therapy and mental health counseling

Silver Spring, MD – The Sun Point Wellness Center in Maryland has been providing top quality counseling and therapy to residents for years.  Their compassionate staff and team of mental health professionals serve communities from Silver Spring, MD to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and the list of clients continues to grow.  To support their continued growth and better support the community, the center is pleased to announce the addition of Andrew Darby, MSW, LCSW-C, LCADAS to its ranks.  Darby comes to Sun Point Wellness Center with an impressive set of skills and techniques designed to help individuals and couples with the struggles of daily life.

With a growing number of people seeking professional help for depression, addiction, anxiety and PTSD, it is important to have a healthy counselor-to-client ratio so that those in need receive focused, individual attention.  Each person is unique, and therapist Andrew Darby is able to tailor his skills to the specific needs of that individual.

“There is inside of each of us a power to heal.  I believe that a combination of techniques including talk therapy is key to helping that healing process,” says Darby.  “This is why I use proven techniques including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, and Mind-Body Medicine as part of a customized therapeutic process.”

Besides his work at Sun Point Wellness Center, he is also the Clinical Director of a respected outpatient addiction treatment facility.  The addition of Darby to the staff and the growing need for therapeutic services across the areas of Silver Spring, MD and Lancaster, PA has lead the center to extend their hours on the weekend.  Now, new clients and those seeking long term therapy will have the opportunity to come at a time better suited for them.

Founder and Licensed Therapist Laura Morse, M.Ed., is pleased to see the expansion of the Sun Point Wellness Center service capabilities.  “We’re very happy to see people are benefiting from our services and encouraging others to come to the center for therapy,” says Morse.  “When people see their friends or family members successfully improve their lives, it has a positive effect on everyone involved with the process.”

Sun Point’s therapy centers are now serving the communities of Silver Spring, Maryland,  with residents from Bethesda, Tacoma Park and Rockville, Maryland to their newly opened office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Theirnewly expanded staff is accepting clients seeking compassionate, solution-based therapy to overcome obstacles related to marriage and family problems, depression, addiction, anxiety and trauma.  Additional information, including how to schedule an appointment or learn more about the therapists is available at the website. 

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About Andrew Darby, MSW, LCSW-C, LCADAS:

Andrew Darby uses his creativity, kindness and attention to meet clients where they are in their journey and to help them identify where they want to go next. Andrew is honored to be a witness to each personal growth experience, and he looks forward to working with new clients.





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