Palmer Vehicle Service Agreements Help Drivers Save Money

OCEAN, NEW JERSEY – 23 Sep, 2017 – Car repairs can get expensive in a hurry, especially if the manufacturer’s warranty expires before you are ready to give up your vehicle. Thankfully, you can still protect yourself from these high costs with an affordable Palmer vehicle service agreement. These extended service contracts cover you if your car requires repair, giving you the peace of mind you need while operating a motor vehicle. 

The claims process is simple. First, you choose any auto repair shop or dealership located in the United States or Canada. Lesser administrators may limit who you can choose to work on your vehicle, but Palmer leaves the choice firmly in your hands. Your mechanic will be paid directly via check or credit card number, so you do not need to worry about putting out the money and waiting for reimbursement later. The entire process is made as convenient as possible for you. 

Palmer also allows you to purchase only the coverage you need. If you drive an older vehicle, there are no electronic doodads that come standard on new models. Palmer offers a Basic Plan that allows you to pay for just engine coverage, an option many providers do not offer. If you have a newer vehicle and need to protect your doodads, Palmer’s Elite Exclusionary Plan is so comprehensive that it specifically lists what it does not cover to save space. There are plenty of options in between, so you can find the ideal solution for your needs. 

A Palmer vehicle service agreement is a great investment even if your car never needs service over the life of the contract. Every contract includes valuable extras such as roadside assistance, trip interruption protection, car rental, and completely transferable coverage. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits provided by each.

Roadside assistance includes helpful services such as towing, tire replacement, jump starting a battery, and even fuel delivery. Should you lock yourself out of your vehicle, your plan also includes Lockout Assistance to help you get back into your car. Simply call the roadside assistance phone number listed in your contract to use any of these valuable services. 

Trip interruption protection gives you a stipend of $75 per day in the event that your car breaks down when you are away from home. This money can be used to purchase food and a hotel room, ensuring that the inconvenience does not have any lasting impact on your wallet. You may also rent a vehicle free of charge if yours is in the shop for a covered repair. The complete details on how to do so are included in your Palmer vehicle service agreement

Finally, your coverage goes with the car if you ever decide to sell it. This increases the value of your vehicle while ensuring that its new owner will enjoy the same peace of mind you did on the road. Contact Palmer today to learn how the company can help you!

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