The New Frontier in Cancer Treatment Revealed: Immunotherapy as a Natural Killer Cell Therapy

BANGKOK, THAILAND – 23 Sep, 2017 – Immune Cells 21 is a leading medical center in Bangkok which specializes in analyzing patients’ immune system functions with a view of improving them. The results of the analyses are also useful in determining which program would best suit the patients’ needs. 

The immune system’s primary function is to shield the body from infection and disease, including cancer. Patients with robust immune systems may wish to have their healthy immune cells cryogenically stored for use in the future should their immune systems be compromised by disease.

Traditionally cancer treatment and cancer management has focused on three main methods: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These three methods have one major drawback. They tend to be invasive by nature and very often produce aggressive side effects in the body. The cancer patient has to contend not only with the ravages of the disease itself but also with the debilitating side effects of the treatments.

Fortunately, the field of oncology, which broadly speaking is the study of cancer, its treatment and management, has made significant strides in recent years. Rather than use external means to bombard the disease, safer, more effective methods have come to the fore in tackling cancer.

That the human body is able to heal is a self-evident fact. Simple cuts, gashes, grazes and bruises close up by themselves in a relatively short time. What is not immediately evident is that when properly prompted the body has the capability of countering more serious diseases by mobilizing its own resources and effecting a safe and lasting healing process.

Immunotherapy is now a recognized, safe and effective cancer treatment that works by activating the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer. It works by strengthening the body’s immune function which results in the slowing down and even stopping the growth of cancerous cells. It is also effective in destroying cancer cells as well as halting the spread of cancer in the body. Broadly speaking, immunotherapy may work by boosting one’s immune system or by conditioning the immune system to recognize and attack only cancer cells. This is the major point of departure between Immunotherapy and the traditional cancer treatment. While immunotherapy offers targeted treatment, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery tend to be indiscriminate and directly affect healthy cells as well as the cancerous ones.

Immune Cells 21 now uses immunotherapy to treat cancer. We have recently introduced the Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy for cancer patients. Natural killer cells are a critical component in immunotherapy as they act as the body’s primary defense mechanism while confronting foreign pathogens. Their effectiveness hinges on the fact that they are able to recognize cancerous cells, inject them with cell-degrading proteins, effectively killing them.

Immune Cells 21 is happy to address all queries related to this aspect of immunotherapy and also on all other services that we offer. Please feel free to reach out to us and we will walk you through the various therapies that will effectively address your condition or those of our loved ones. 

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