China OEM Smartphone Manufacturer Cnoems Bezel-Less Budget Smartphone Doogee Mix

The price war for tapping the global Smartphone market has already gained momentum and top manufacturers around the world have slashed down the prices of their products. China OEM Smartphone manufacturer Cnoems recently launched a bezel-less budget Smartphone, Doogee Mix, to jump on the bandwagon.

Cnoems, a global leader in budget Smartphone segment, recently rolled out their latest innovation – Doogee Mix, a budget Smartphone which comes with bezel-less full display and silver body. Apart from the bezel-less Smartphone, the China OEM factory has also launched three other Smartphones, namely Doogee Mix 2 Full Display Smartphone, Doogee Mix Lite Full Screen Smartphone, and Doogee Mix Full Display Smartphone. The owners claimed that the Doogee Mix series phones come with all the premium features that a Smartphone buyer would normally expect in high-end mobile phones.

“It’s one of the best OEM Smartphone products that we have engineered till date. The product has been reviewed by experts and all the variants have passed the tests. We are happy to announce the commercial launch of the Doogee Mix Smartphone”, said a top sales and marketing executive of Cnoems. She also said that the product has already received rave reviews from experts and underscored that the phone has all the features to be pitted against high-end and expensive phones.

The company, which previously got massive response for its M109 budget Smartphone, is planning to fit their future phones with exclusive features. However, for now, the Doogee Series Smartphone products are the flagship products of Cnoems – a China OEM factory in the process of expanding its market beyond China and OPEC countries. The company has already started shipping the phone to India, one of the largest markets for budget Smartphones, and to parts of Europe and North America as well. The executive hinted that Doogee Mix price is their biggest USP at this moment.

The CEO of Doogee Company said that the price of the product does not truly reflect the exciting features that come bundled with the budget Smartphone. “Anybody who is interested in buying a budget Smartphone can read the Doogee Mix review written by top industry experts. However, Doogee Mix price does not speak volumes about the high-end features, which can be explored by reading the in-depth reviews”, said the CEO and managing director of Cnoems, which is now popularly referred as the “Doogee Company”.

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