E-com 101 teaches the “The Ecommerce Lifestyle” in its new free video training

E-commerce training guide, E-com 101, teaches Movers and Shakers the crux of being an E-commerce entrepreneur in its new free 4-part video training series

E-commerce has become one of the most popular words in recent times; revolutionizing the way business is transacted and purchases are made. With the emergence of online stores and businesses, the competition in the industry seems to be getting more intense. Like any other business, e-commerce comes with its ups and downs and it is only entrepreneurs that have been able to master the art that can survive the storm and excel in the long run.

The free 4-part video training series is designed to teach players in the e-commerce industry how to live the “e-commerce lifestyle.” The site and consequently the video, is designed to provide value to the marketplace regarding e-commerce. It touches what it is, why and how it is surpassing retail. It also details how entrepreneurs can position their business and take advantage of the concept of e-commerce.

Studies conducted over the last decade has revealed that conducting online business transactions have significantly helped in boosting the sales and profits across the globe, regardless of their size or the nature of business done. The internet provides a platform for all businesses to reach a wider target audience and the training touches on the 4 models of commerce including Subscription Services, Service Products, Drop Shipping and Wholesaling (or warehousing).

Subscription services is an online business model where customers are offered an online buying experience, cataloging their individual tastes and needs and helping them make repeated purchases through updates, special sales or events, and other innovative marketing techniques.

The service products model requires the selling of somewhat intangible products like web design, online consulting, digital marketing, life and health coaching amongst other services. This is usually a more stressful online business model compared to other online business models.

Drop Shipping is one of the most popular online business models with the likes of Shopify and Wish using this model to generate revenue. Drop shipping currently ranks as the fastest-growing and most popular type of e-commerce, needing no physical space to store product or make a product.

Wholesaling or warehousing completes the list of online business models effectively treated in the video training course. The model requires having a warehouse or storage space for keeping products bought in bulk, which are subsequently sold online and shipped to the customer.

Online commerce is promising and the future looks bright. However, businesses need to be grounded in the methodology to benefit from the concept. The free 4-part video training series is the first step towards achieving success in the online business world, as the eye-opening video shows businesses why the ‘Ecom Entrepreneur’ is of great importance.

The training series is just as important as starting out a business as it provides the right foundation to ensure that online entrepreneurs do not get their fingers burnt.

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