Draft Daily announces the official launch of new fantasy sports site and crypto currency

Fantasy Sports site, Draft Daily, announces the official launch of new website and its crypto currency, DFSCoin, which currently trading Coin Exchange

Draft Daily has announced the official launch of its new fantasy sports site and its crypto currency named DFSCoin, which is being traded on Coin Exchange. The launch of the site and crypto currency is in a bid to achieve the outfit’s goal of enhancing experience of players and lovers of fantasy sports across the globe.

Draft Daily features different sports that include basketball in the NBA, baseball in MLB, hockey in NHL and football in NFL. The site is designed in different formats to suit DFS Rookies, Veterans and All Pro fantasy owners, with daily and weekly fantasy sports contests.

The site hosts free to enter contests, referred to as “freeroll games” as well as buy-in contests for real prizes. Draft Daily also has a Guaranteed fantasy sports contest that comes with a Guaranteed prize pool whether the contest was filled or not.

The site is easy to navigate and is designed having the players in mind, ensuring that the best fantasy gaming experience is obtained. Draft Daily also allows players to draft like a boss, becoming a fantasy team owner and subsequently progress to fame and fortune.

Each fantasy team owner has a salary cap of $55,000 for building their fantasy team, allowing owners to draft their team before the games of the current day as long as they stay within the salary cap. The salaries of the players are based on the performance and stats in their real game as opposed to their real team salary.

In addition to choosing a dream team, players or owners as the case may be have the opportunity to change their lineups any time before starting the contest. Team owners can watch the contests they have entered as see their players score points and rack up stats. Team owners also have the opportunity of seeing how team they drafted stack up against the competition.

One of the key features of Draft Daily is prize winning feature. Players that enter a paid contest can win the amount determined by the prize structure for that contest from the prize pool. The prize comes in DFSCoins which is automatically credited into their account to be used to enter more contests.

The DFSCoins is the currency of Draft Daily and players can purchase the crypto currency into their DFSCoin wallet by downloading the wallet for Windows and Linux users. DFSCoins has appreciated tremendously against BTC since it was launched, signaling a bright future for the crypto currency.

The system ensures financial safety and security of players and users, thanks to the features of digital currency as a decentralized. DFSCoin is currently trading on CoinExchange.io and will not only be used as a game currency on Draft Daily, but will be used on other daily fantasy sites like FavLucci.com and others using the MajorLeagueDFS.com API suite, the FanVictor.com Platform.

The crypto currency allows lovers of fantasy sports across the globe to enjoy playing their favorite game and participate in tournaments and contests without restriction. It also provides DFS sites a cost effective way of processing payments without being exposed to the risk of fraud or charge backs. With more efficient security compared to other payment methods like PayPal and credit cards, DFSCoins come as a win-win to fantasy sports sites and players. This is so as fantasy sports players are assured that their deposited funds are properly segregated from the company’s expense accounts and verifiable on the blockchain system.

With DFSCoin on Draft Daily, players also get to earn 35% lifetime revshare for every friend invited. This comes as an additional incentive for users.

About Draft Daily

Draft Daily is a fantasy sports site featuring different sports and contests, with players being able to participate in such contents and win prize money in the form of DFSCoins – the approved currency of the game. Draft Daily features the NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB, with players being able to draft members of their team and compete with other fantasy team owners.

Draft Daily ha also launched its own crypto currency, which is already traded on Coin Exchange and will be available for use on other fantasy sports site. 

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