New Desktop Version of Flappy Bird with Attractive Features and Graphics now Available Online

Fans of the super hit game Flappy bird should rejoice as a new version of the game is back in the form of a desktop version. Developed by Mark, a programmer who loves gaming, the new Flappy Bird has a warm and crisp background and new feature that will again hook the world just like the original.

Flappy Bird was created by the Vietnamese Dong, who recently decided to pull the game off from app stores. Since then, no competitive replacement has been found until Mark decided to give it a go, so that lovers of the game could vie again with each other to get the highest ranks without cheating or using deviant methods.

Flappy Bird is a mobile app that involves a single or multiple players competing with each other to advance the bird on a side scrolling interface and overcoming hurdles such as pipes that come in the way. The rules of the game are simple and are the reason why the game is so popular.

The new, free version of Flappy Bird created by Mark carries his personal touch with a changed summer background featuring a calm sea view and the glow of the bright sun that reflects on the bird as it flies and flutters. The warm background makes the game more exciting and a relaxing experience.

“I was hesitant in the beginning to publish the game after developing it over a month. I wasn’t sure if the gamers will live the new version and the additions I have made. The coming days will reveal how well the new Flappy Bird is received,” says Mark.

The online Flappy bird game is in HTML5, and uses three factors: counter for green pipes passed correctly, the golds earned, and the medals earned (with three medals awarded, based on points earned). A touch between the bird and obstacles ends the game, and while on PC, a mouse or the Up key is good to play the game. Scores are added in the leader board, and can be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

The new Flappy Bird adds on more difficulties to attain high grades, putting the players under pressure as they test themselves. The game can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux as a downloadable installation with no internet access required.

The gold coin earning option of the desktop Flappy Bird is where players get an addictive experience, since they can continue to play the game without required a re-start. The gold coin method allows the game to continue eve after the bird is dead only after the player has earned more than one gold coin. There is a volume feature and a scoreboard for best players of the day, week and month. The new version will be available with and without the gold coin feature.

For Mark this is just the beginning, and he is collaborating with a team of developers to focus on new games in the next phase. As he says, there is a lot to learn in this field which demands high levels of creativity.

“Dong has become a star and has entered history, and no one denies it and I respect him very much. I thank him for all the work he gave to the fans of the Games,” says Mark.

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