Abraham Great Advancing God’s Words in Milton Keynes

Much of His Work Focuses on Getting People to the Next Levels In Their Lives

Milton Keynes – September 23, 2017 – Abraham Great has been through many experiences in his life. As a teenager, Nigeria-born Great moved to Ivory Coast where he would soon move to Europe after four and a half years of rigorous missionary work across West Africa.

He worked as a music director, channeling his love for music and his faith with the Living Faith Church popularly known as ‘Winner Chapel.’ Today, Great is currently based in Milton Keynes where he delivers the message of hope through God to the people of Milton Keynes and around the world.

Today, Abraham Great is the head pastor at the He Lives Bible Church (HLBC) in Milton Keynes. The HLBC started services in the city of Milton Keynes in 2011.

Over the years, Great has dealt with many challenges. While growing up in Nigeria, Great faced serious health challenges. Among other sicknesses, he suffered meningitis and was even pronounced dead at the Ikeja General Hospital in 1990. But God showed up in Abraham Great’s life and he was not overwhelmed by his condition. Rather, he was motivated to start learning how to play musical instruments. More importantly, hebecame a passionate Bible reader. This marked the beginning of Great’s pastoral journey. As he always describes it – his life is a compendium of stories and he now enjoys change of story, going from glory to glory.

He had many visions from God over the years, with a number of them telling him to work within the church and to help people who needed it the most. It is with this that he has developed his own unique philosophy of helping people go from story to glory. That is, he wants people to go from their current situations to their future destinations enjoying God’s support all the way.

In addition to Great’s pastoring job, he is also a director at XL Magnis (a trading name for Abraham Great LTD), Str8t Record Ltd, Golden Pen Publishing, and Golden Pen Records(a firm devoted to publishing various religious texts and works and a music record label).

Great is operating numerous campaigns to help people around the city of Milton Keynes. His ministry helps people gain access to the skills they need to keep their faiths intact. It focuses on helping people understand what goals they have for their lives and how they can attain those goals with faith and support.

The Mandate of Glory campaign is also vital to his work. The campaign entails people working towards acts that are of benefit to people in their communities. Great promotes works that help people attain a state of self-actualization.

Interested in learning more about the works of Abraham Great?Visit his website at www.abrahamgreat.com. The site includes information on all of his ongoing campaigns.

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