Introducing the mastermind tool to put competitors to freight and cruise with the new Competitive Intelligence from the expert.

Safe Data Consults, proudly presents great competitive intelligence Data ideas, strategies for business and everyone, a proven way to stay atop business and maintain the competitive edge over competitors.

This approach, competitive intelligence is a tool rarely used by business or entrepreneurs. Mostly viewedlike a cost to improve business. However this has proven, Competitive Intelligence is the new way to increase business revenue and be ahead of the competition.

According to the facilitator of this program, Chris Bartsch, I thought the way to build Business Empire was by focusing on my activities, but quickly realized that empires are built using a competitive intelligence. At that moment ten years ago, I realized that if I want to become a millionaire or even one day, I would have to be not only good at research but great at competitive intelligence.

However, Competitive Intelligence is not a rocket science nor an art. As a fact, one does not need to be a top spy to tap into the advantage of competitive intelligence. It’s enoughonly tofollow its process, formula and competitive intelligence is born.

Competitive Intelligence is for Small and large Business, Startups and Newbies, Internet Marketers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Employees that want to improve, and anyone into business.  A cool tool to be ahead of competitors.

This tool, competitive intelligence was newly released in a 90-minute audio, from the world’s #1 Competitive Intelligence coach, forensics intelligence expert, Chris Bartsch. Where he outlines and demystifies the whole process of competitive intelligence, a fast route that gives the unfair advantage for either an established or new business startup.

This package consists of ten audio series, where he breaks down the process right from the mindset shift, core values acquisition and how to be the next market industry in his/her industry.

A grab for the first 500 people at a huge price falls off before it will be launched in the coming weeks in London and subsequently in 20 countries on stage at $5,000 for everyone. Before this goes live, here presents an opportunity to get this transformational package at 99.82% off.

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About the Producer

ChrisBartsch is a serial entrepreneur, forensic intelligence expert, and known as the world #1 Competitive intelligence coach. With Clients and business in over 21 countries. He speaks on digital forensics and competitive threats, to business and entrepreneurs globally in international conferences and seminars.

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