Five Step Guide to Investing a Self-Directed IRA in Real Estate Now Available

REDMOND, WA – 25 Sep, 2017 – John Brandy, President of Open Mind Generations (OMG), today announced the release of his Five Step Guide to Investing in a Self-Directed IRA. With the stock market at an all-time high, future retirees need to make sure that they don’t have all their money in equities.

Investing in real estate provides a predictable income stream with asset appreciation over time. With a Self-Directed IRA, you can take advantage of the tax deferred benefit of a retirement account, while diversifying into a new asset class.

The Guide can be found on the OMG website at

John Brandy emphasizes “Self Directed IRAs dedicated to real estate are becoming a key way to unlock your retirement money.  You’ll be able to invest in things stock brokers don’t sell.  It’s important to diversify, and this is a way the stock industry limits you when they shouldn’t.”

Open Mind Generations provides investment guidance across all asset classes. The firm does not charge commissions and is strictly fee based. The firm is committed to providing unbiased advice that will help clients optimize their financial future.

John Brandy has personally invested in every investment vehicle on which he advises.

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