Kuester Management Group Advises HOAs to Start Discussing Holiday Decor

The HOA management experts at Kuester Management Group share some policies and best practices concerning holiday decoration.

In most parts of the Carolinas, the weather still feels very much like summer—but even a quick look at the calendar confirms that the holiday season will be here soon. With it, many homeowners will want to decorate—first for Halloween, then Christmas. For homeowners in HOA settings, though, it’s not quite as simple as just setting up the décor. There are policies and regulations to consider. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group offers some holiday decorating pointers—both for homeowners and for HOA Board members.

“The role of the HOA isn’t to suppress anyone’s holiday spirit, but just to make sure people stay within the lines of suitable, tasteful decoration—ultimately helping to keep the neighborhood look uniform and ensure property values aren’t adversely affected,” comments Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group.

As such, homeowners within the HOA are advised to consult with governing documents before they put up any holiday decorations. “What you’re likely to find is that the regulations are 100 percent reasonable and common-sense, but it’s still smart to confirm this,” Kuester advises.

If holiday décor has implications for owners, it also has implications for members of the HOA Board. “It’s your job to communicate clearly about what the holiday decoration policies are, reducing the risk of hurt feelings, misunderstandings, or unpleasant incidents,” says Kuester.

There are different ways to do this. “Your email newsletter is one great place to send a reminder of the stated holiday décor policies,” Kuester remarks. “The Association’s social media profiles can also be good venues.”

What’s important is to keep all decoration-related guidelines rooted in the stated covenants and HOA rules. “Don’t try to invent new policies,” Kuester suggests. “Just clearly state what’s already on the books in your CC&Rs. Communication with owners is always the HOA’s top priority.”

Kuester’s final advice? “If you’re not sure how to interpret or enforce your Association’s policies, you should take your questions straight to the property manager.”

More information about the HOA management services offered by Kuester Management Group can be found online at www.kuester.com. The company is active throughout North and South Carolina.


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