MacGregor vs. Mayweather fight inspires $100,000 Facebook publicity stunt on YouTube in Hawaii

“Connor Macgregor\’s unshakable confidence inspired the formation of the Guru Media Tribe, a publicity stunt announced last week by Facebook marketing guru Brian Campbell.”
Inspired by the recent light-middle weight title fight, Facebook and YouTube guru announces public demonstration to start a $100,000 a month business in 18 months using social media while training for the 2018 Kauai marathon.

Former Maui hermit monk Brian Campbell emerged from a 5 year hiatus on Thursday with an announcement that received international media exposure from his proclamation to help average people earn a living using social media as part of the newly formed Guru Media Tribe.

Honolulu, HI – Facebook marketing guru and former hermit monk Brian Campbell emerged from a five year hiatus last week with a surprising announcement. He declared that he is training for the 2018 Kauai marathon while demonstrating how to make $100,000 per month online with the newly formed Guru Media Tribe.

Known for making wild claims with public marketing demonstrations, Campbell first emerged onto Facebook in 2008 claiming to make $10,000 in his first 37 days on the social media website. After only 21 days he publicly gave away his first $10,000 to blogger John Chow on YouTube. Campbell also promoted himself in 2002 by turning $2 into $2 million in 20 months.

Publicity stunts are not a new idea. They’ve been used by everyone from Thomas Edison to P.T. Barnum and Richard Branson. More often than not these exaggerated claims quickly become forgotten.

The recent title fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather was a catalyst to this announcement. “I was inspired seeing Conor McGregor coming out to fight the undefeated champion. That took guts. Anyone that goes from welfare to earning $30 million in a single night within four years deserves enormous respect.”

The YouTube announcement has generated over 37,000 video views across social media networks and can be viewed below:

Video Link:

Inspired by the recent title fight, Campbell announced “I’m training for a marathon and starting a $100,000 a month business and I’m going to show you how I do it.” After sharing this video on Youtube and Facebook he was invited to be the keynote speaker at an international conference in former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan that boasts former speakers Robert Kiyosaki and Jeanne Claude Van Damme.

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Larry Stevenson featured this story to 260,000 listeners on The Bearded Black Cowboy Radio Show this past tuesday as he spoke with Campbell about the newly formed Guru Media Tribe. Stevenson encouraged his listeners to “take the first step and start helping people help others,” following the theme of the interview to help average people become heroes.

When this reporter asked Campbell for a comment, he stated “This demonstration is necessary to show people everywhere that you can do something different with your life. I’m putting the power back into the people’s hands by creating new channels through social media empowerment.”

Will this demonstration succeed or will it fail like many unbelievable claims? Time will be the ultimate judge on how this story develops.

Brian Campbell’s social media adventures, marathon training tips and self-promotion marketing strategies can be followed on his facebook page, YouTube channel, or by taking his free guru media tribe class online.

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