Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd Introduces Waterproof Die Cast Aluminum Enclosures for Safety & Long Lasting Performance of Electronic Items

China based Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd specializes in aluminum die casting and they bring waterproof aluminum enclosures in multiple sizes for the safety and durability of electronic products

There are a variety of electronic and electrical items that need to have a protective enclosure to safeguard them from moisture. China based Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd now brings waterproof aluminum enclosures for electronic and electrical product manufacturers to ensure safety and long lasting performance of their products.

The company produces die cast aluminum enclosures in various sizes. The enclosures available in grey, black or any other customized color. With the IP66 protection compatibility, the enclosure offers the best protection from water or moisture. According to the requirement, the enclosure can be drilled, taped or painted. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they accept custom services for the aluminum enclosures, such as drilling, installation, painting or taping. These enclosures are shipped with the covers, bottom, screws, and sealing.

Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd Introduces Waterproof Die Cast Aluminum Enclosures for Safety & Long Lasting Performance of Electronic Items

The spokesperson reveals that they offer custom aluminum die casting services for a wide range of products. The die casting can be offered in different materials, including the A380, A360, ADC12 and so on. They can provide die casting in different dimensions and with a typical weight ranging between 5g and 2500g. The company technicians can apply various die casting processes, such as Tooling, Casting, Machining, Surface Treatment, and Assembly to ensure the quality and precision. With zinc plating, anodizing, painting and powder coating, the surface smoothness is maintained and which also offers protection against corrosion.

Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd also has years of expertise in supplying CNC machined parts. The company employs various processes, including CNC Turing, CNC Milling, Stamping, and Custom Metal fabrication for ensuring a flawless CNC machining. They can carry out CNC machining of various metals, including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper,   steel, and stainless steel. The spokesperson reveals that the machined parts undergo different surface treatments, which include polishing, brushing, plating, grinding, powder coating etc to help maintain the smoothness of the surface.

One can learn more about their die casting and CNC machining services by visiting the website http://www.santecind.com.

About Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Yantai Lishin Electronic & Mechanical Co., Ltd is an industrial and international company located in Yantai, Shandong Province, China. The company is one of the professional casting suppliers of aluminum casting, including high pressure die casting, gravity die casting and zinc alloy die casting. With various casting equipment, CNC machines and inspection facility, they can provide one-stop service including tooling design, die casting and precision machining.

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