Eric Kendall Announces Campaign On Kickstarter To Fund Project Grippy LACES

Eric Kendall announces project Grippy LACES, seeks funding through Kickstarter community.

Eric Kendall, an innovation manager at an automobile company, and wife Amy, have announced that they are seeking funds on Kickstarter for their project, Grippy LACES. These are shoelaces that simply stay tied unlike the ordinary ones that get untied frequently.

“Shoelaces coming apart can be a common problem for many and we realized that when we saw our two kids and many others endlessly tie and re-tie their shoes,” says Eric Kendall while explaining about the project. “The idea of Grippy LACES came to me while working on an airbag project. I discovered this material and its unique properties and realized how it can help us realize our goal.”

The extreme toughness of this material, combined with just enough stretch and slip-stick friction properties are the magic behind what make Grippy Laces possible.

Eric tested various types of materials and experimented with numerous processing techniques with their vendor before creating the working prototypes. These were then sent out to their supporters. They received very encouraging feedback. Spurred on by this great response Eric then created the TriLobe design which is even stronger what the original Grippy LACES design was.

Eric expects to run into a learning curve in the run up to and during the launch process as this is their first project on Kickstarter project. He has developed several automotive and consumer products during his career as an engineer and later as an Innovation Manager. Eric hopes to bring all the experienced gained during his professional career to the project to make it a success.

His experience also tells him that along the way, some tweaking will have to be carried out on the material composition and processing. This is common to most projects as the parts get fitted into the design. The results of their FEA analysis and their experience in creating the original design has given Eric and his team the confidence that they will be able to dial in the new design. They are all eager to overcome the various challenges and make Grippy LACES a reality.

Eric and his team are looking to hit a funding goal of $5,000 to take the project off the ground smoothly. The deadline for the funding on Kickstarter is 8 October, 2017.

The funds will be used for making the production tool for the TriLobe design and to order the raw materials. It will also be utilized for producing the first batch of parts. Their vendor has already quoted for the design and is ready to produce the tool.

About Grippy LACES:

Grippy LACES is a project designed and developed by Eric Kendall and his wife Amy. An engineer and innovation manager by profession, the idea of Grippy Laces came to him when he saw his two kids and many others struggling with the effort to tie shoelaces as they got untied frequently. Grippy Laces are shoelaces that simply stay tied.

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