Ben Moyal Launches Campaign On Kickstarter For His Unique Drive And Music Based Turntdrive Project

Ben Moyal initiates campaign on Kickstarter to fund his project Turntdrive.

Ben Moyal, Richmond Hill Canada resident and ambitious entrepreneur has announced that his fundraiser campaign is now alive on Kickstarter. Ben and his team are attempting to fund his project Turntdrive, which allow users to drive and play their favorite music along any route in multiple ways.

“We have conceived and developed a project that can provide cool transportation and musical entertainment along the way, just the way you like,” says Ben Moyal, the brain behind Turntdrive. “We invite generous backing and support from the Kickstarter community to improve the chances of success for this unique idea. It guarantees a road ride that you will enjoy.”

Ben states that the key idea behind this project was to serve the public according to the appropriate criteria of where they are located. This business model is akin in many ways to how Uber operates but Ben has introduced many valuable improvements and exciting innovations to it.

Ben has shared some of the key features for the knowledge and information of the Kickstarter community. The project has a quick feedback system and offers Easy Go booking. Every ride guarantees music just the way users want. The service will operate through a time schedule and will be of 30 minutes to 120 minutes duration based on customer requirement.

Users can select the car of their choice and enjoy anonymous rides. The choice of music offered by Turntdrive includes Wireless Bluetooth tunes, radio free and free email playlist of songs. The last-named option is available after the first ride only.

According to Ben, users can avoid GPS distance, route and place by using this service. They will always get neat, well-maintained and tidy vehicles for traveling. The service can be ordered 24/7 from mobile app for both Apple and Android devices.

Ben Moyal has turned to crowdfunding model to raise funds for the project. The company has chosen the Kickstarter platform for their fundraiser campaign and has a financial goal of CA$ 2,000,000. The deadline for funding the project is 11 November, 2017.

Ben Moyal is offering exciting rewards to contributors depending on their level of participation. If they pull off this one, then there will be a brand new way of riding on the road for music lovers and also for those who want some fun and excitement during their travel.

About Turntdrive:

Turntdrive is a unique model of transportation that users would love as it makes the ride interesting and entertaining as well. The project has been conceived by Ben Moyal and is being presented as one up on Uber in terms of user experience and convenience. The Turntdrive comes with a host of features that can deliver a whole new travel experience and convenience to users.

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