Our K9 Specialist Small Dog Bark Collar Manufacturers Hit another Home Run

Our K9, maker of specialized Bark Training Collars, shared that their new “Purple” Hybrid Bark Collar for small dogs is proving to be a significant hit with clients on not just Amazon.com but also Walmart.com.  Clients are expressing high levels of satisfaction in five-star evaluations.  The Purple Bark Collar is a fully automatic bark collar that’s rechargeable and painless.  It uses safety retractable prongs. It also has both Audible Beep and Inaudible Ultrasonic to give training cues. And for Correction we use either Vibration or Static Shock. ALL settings are adjustable from 0 (meaning that you can turn it off up to 7) This have never been done on any bark collar before, so you have 6 different combinations that you can try to find what works best for your pooch.  With the Adjustable correction it means that if you would love to use Vibration but your dog ignores it, but you don’t want to use shock this is a great alternative and the static is fully adjustable so you don’t have to “hurt” but you can get them to take notice, so when you say “No’ it means no.. Really how cool is that?

“It is great business and one that we are now changing from the inside, obviously, but we are dog lovers, too, we are also the first ever company to make collars for not only size but also for different Temperaments. So if you have a Sensitive type dogs who just barks because they are nervous we have a collar just for you. Anxious type dogs? We have one for you as well, what about a little naughty determined barker, covered. In fact Our K9 have 12 different Small Dog Bark Collars just for Extra Small to Medium Sized Dogs. “We decided to make the different collars because we could not believe that so many sellers were telling dog owners that one size would fit all. How can that possibly be right? A 6lb dog wearing the same collar as a 120lb dog. To us that was just cruel and unfair.

Designed to permit a dog to bark but not too much, issuing a warning noise for the first two barks.  It will issue a correction on the next bark.  The collar uses dog-friendly rounded retractable prongs as opposed to older “Pointy” style prongs.  Rounded prongs are merely as successful but kinder to your puppy.  The collar works with air pressure, but not sound, so other dogs barking won’t set it off.  

All their rechargeable collars come with USB charging leads and built-in amp protector.  Users can use any USB socket to charge the collar.  The collar also features seven degrees of sensitivity.   Dogs may sleep while wearing the collar.  It’s ready to use right out of the box.   Our K9 makes 17 distinct K9 collars, ranging from Toy (4 lbs.)  To Giant Breeds (150+ pounds). To make sure they are designed exactly perfect.  The business provides advice on training with their collars.  

Reviewer said, “I bought this because it appeared to be a fantastic choice to a shock collar… either we have the worlds SMARTEST dogs – or the collars REALLY, REALLY WORK!!!!!  After about 1/2 day of wearing the collars – we had a visitor at the front door – that would normally set off about 10 minutes of barking – and the outcome – ABSOLUTE SILENCE!!!!!  I couldn’t believe it.” 

Each collar comes with an exclusive 2 Year Un-Limited Warranty and a secure 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Each Order also includes five comprehensive dog training EBooks. 1 Dog Clicker and a Clicker Training E-Book all Free of charge.

For more information visit the folks at Our K9 at: https://ourk9.com

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