Expando Thane, Seamless Expanding Polyurea For Roofing And Waterproofing

“Expando Thane Waterproofing System”
ExpandoThane is a tough expanding spray. Made of polyurea material which has been able to help shield skin and protect roofings from harsh environmental conditions.

ExpandoThane is a tough expanding spray. Made of polyurea material which has been able to help shield skin and protect roofings from harsh environmental conditions. Also, it has among other things tear strength, hardness, thermal resistance.

The ExpandoThane is of impactful resistance when it comes to roofing and waterproofing coating. With it, you are certain to repair any concrete, seal open surfaces. It is durable and flexible. It creates a uniformed membrane which reduces the gaps on a rough terrain, closes around openings and any form of surface obstruction.

As a result of its durability and resistance and elastic toughness, it is used in demanding environments like industrial and commercial roofing, industrial structural surfaces, undercoating/sound protection, waterproofing and underwater containment, and so on.  Also, it is found useful within military, aerospace and marine industries.

Meanwhile, Expandothane covers two parts of the industry. They are the roofing industry and the waterproofing industry. One of its formulations is polyurea, and it is quite dependent on a primer for any form of adhesion. As a result, it makes using it time-consuming and poses evening challenging for use by contractors if they try to apply it without reprime. In another way, not being patient with its application could cause blisters.

ExpandoThane has also been verified to be useful for waterproofing foundation walls before having to backfill them. While it has been developed to give a stucco resemblance for over concrete and structural Insulated panel walls, it will appear like putting seamless insulation for a thick continuous expansion joint upon all desired surfaces.

The foamed skin of ExpandoThane produces a non-hygroscopic covered cell structure which may be formulated to three different densities to accept the wide range of versatile applications. With it, a class 1 Fire retardant formulation has been developed to allow the use of this long-lasting elastomeric skin in areas requiring safety precautions.

On an average level, this foamed skin produces 4x to 7x volumetric expansion with encouraging adhesive features. This unique product gives remedy to problems such as bridge expansion and construction joints, filling voids, skinning non-uniform and non-continuous adjoining surfaces.

In an environment of about -40 to 250F, ExpandoThane is in god working effect. Not only does it provide a good water resistance, it has an excellent thermal insulating capacity. Also, its reaction cure time has been configured to be between 20-30 seconds as long as it is under normal temperature.

ExpandoThane provides an outstanding mixture of properties which in turn give wonderful mechanical and thermally efficient structures. With a good tear resistance, toughness and relative impact resistance, it has an energy saving design.

As a result of its sound absorbing configuration, ExpandoThane has enjoyed a lot of area of application in the architectural and building construction industries.

Also, it is used as a foundation water-proofing membrane for commercial and residential construction. With its toughness and confirmed elastomeric properties, it has been able to solve many coating challenges in a unique way. It has been able to protect and form a formidable resistance against unintentional ripping and puncturing.

With its seamless water-proof membrane, it could be used as an underground foundation sealer, to bridge foundation cracks. ExpandoThane is not affected by earth alkyls, salts or mild acids. It could be applied directly over masonry and concrete as long as they in clean conditions.

It is adviseable to apply ExpandoThane by a hot high-pressure plural component machine of A- Side temperature 120 Degrees F; B- Side Temperature  120 Degrees F, Hose Heat – 120 Degrees F and Pressure at machine should be 1500 PSI.

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