One of the best book on handling bullying (emotional ending)

JASPER, IN – 25 Sep, 2017 –Fifth Grade Timothy Bottoms Rules (Handling Bullies Series Book 3) Gary Wittmann was a Special Education High School Teacher, who later turned into a  Professional Storyteller to later become an Award Winning Amazon Children’s Book Author.

I fondly remember a curious young lad at a storytelling program asking me the source of all my ideas. It’s very simple, the ideas for my stories come from around me. I could closely relate myself being bulled in grade school and high school, whenever I hear the concerns of my Special Education students. We would then be deeply engrossed in their stories, where they would talk, and I would deeply listen.

My children’s books are a result of many years of listening. This is the right time for all parents to have an open talk with their children regarding bullying, as the schools reopen. The repercussions of  Bullying are very under-rated, as it has the power to crush the emotions and enthusiasm of a child.

Timothy Bottom’s Rules is a story of a Fifth Grader, Timothy Bottoms. He goes to school on his first day wearing his older brother’s red tie and gray vest and endures a day full of insults by the school’s biggest bully, Devin.   But Timothy is determined to wear the same tie and vest every single day of his fifth grade.  He believes that by doing this, his older brother will come back home safely from the Army.  Eventually, the bullying gets too much, though, and Timothy is tempted to break his promise to himself and his brother.  Can anything convince him to leave the tie and vest on?

What happens at the school assembly? Does his brother come home?  Can you make it through without crying?

As I narrate this tale in libraries, many parents reveal that they can’t control themselves from crying while reading and listening to the story.

The wait for solutions to deal with bullying is finally over, as the book embeds three powerful secrets to deal bullying.  Gary through “Fifth Grade Timothy Bottoms Rules ” has entered the league of large print books.  As an Award winning Special Education Teacher of the Year in 2007 by the Learning Disabilities in the State Of Indiana, Award-winning Children’s Recording Artist with stories and song, and Top 100 Best Seller on Amazon. Gary continues to work hard in his life.  He mentors others in writing their first children’s book as well.

Check out the Fifth Grade Bullying Series—Fifth Grade Monster School, Fifth Grade Dragon Master and also Fifth Grade Timothy Bottoms Rules.

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Below is the video in which Gary Wittmann reads a chapter 1 of Timothy Bottom’s Rules.

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