Life coach Tony Palermo’s new book shares the inspiring tale of rise from dark through “positive thinking”

California-based life coach Tony Palermo is about to release his new book that talks about changing the life for better even amidst challenges through the strength of positive mindset.

Corning, California – September 25, 2017 – Life is a maze that often puts us into challenges and hard times. But the winner is the one knows how to never give up and successfully fight off those hurdles with optimism. In that light, leading California-based life coach Tony Palermo is soon to release his new book that shares the inspiring tale of rise from the dark times through the power of positive thinking. Aptly entitled as “Positive Thoughts Will Change Your Life”, the book focuses on the real-life account of Tony’s own story of battling depression and overcoming depression with affirmations and positive thinking.

The book will be officially released on Amazon on September 29.

“Positive Thoughts Will Change Your Life” portrays a motivating journey of Tony’s self-evolution from his grim phase to the spirited inspiring individual that he is today. In fact, he wrote this book to share with the world his motivation behind becoming a life coach.

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new book at the end of this month. It’s a real life account of my own story – my dark times when I was badly bogged down with depression and certainly my transformation into a happy enthusiastic individual that I am today. This book provides a roadmap to change your life for better.  I am confident anybody looking forward to rising up in life would greatly benefit from this book.” 

The author used to suffer from depression for the most of his adult life. He had looked for a cure but almost every time he had he ended up with no results. Then, suddenly he stumbled upon his life coach and decided to try life coaching to improve his life. 

“It was one of the best decisions (working with a life coach) I ever made. My life coaching sessions introduced me to the powerful world of positive thinking, affirmations and I started feeling happier than I have ever felt in years. I realized it actually worked for me. It further inspired me to become a life coach and help other struggling souls to rise up counting on hope and positivity. My book echoes this same amazing philosophy of positive thinking in battling hard times in life. I want the world to know what affirmations are and how to channelize a positive mindset to transcend into a happier life- regardless of the adversities before you.”

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Tony Palermo is a certified life coach based in California. He offers both one-on-one personalized and business coaching sessions. His sessions can be taken up personally or through Skype or phone.

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